Black Lives Matter Protesters Block Bridge During Child’s Medical Emergency

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

Black Lives Matter protesters blocked off a bridge and prevented a suffering child from traveling to the hospital so they could hold up some protest signs while browsing the internet on their cell phones.  

From Fox 13 Memphis:

An ambulance had to be dispatched to pick up a child on the I-40 Bridge during the Black Lives Matter protest Sunday night.

Protesters began their march downtown and eventually made their [way] onto the bridge, which caused it to be shut down for several hours. As a result, the child’s parents were stuck on the bridge, and they could not drive the child to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

His parents were worried about his condition and considered it an emergency, so they called an ambulance. Bobby Harrell was the paramedic on that call.

“We were escorted by the Crittenden County Sheriff’s Office up the wrong way on the interstate to pick up the child out of the traffic,” Harrell told FOX13.

Harrell and his medical team picked up the boy and detoured through West Memphis onto I-55. They eventually made it to the hospital for treatment.

The emergency worker told FOX13 the patient was stable the entire time, but his condition could have gotten worse because the protest delayed the transport.

“When you have someone in dire need of medical attention, I don’t know if there is a cause great enough to hinder someone from getting to the hospital to get medical care,” Harrell said outside his home in Arkansas.

What nonsense, what cause is greater than trying to become The Next Top Protest Star like Ieshia Evans?

The media has assured me blocking traffic in defense of child-raping gang members being shot by police is the noblest of causes.

If some kids need to die because they can’t get to the hospital, I think we can all agree that’s a small price to pay in order to get a great photo.

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14 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Protesters Block Bridge During Child’s Medical Emergency

  1. Funded by George Soros and company. How do they know the child with the medical emergency wasn’t Black? If so, wouldn’t that go against their “Black Lives Matter” protest since the Black Child’s life apparently didn’t matter to them.

    So they can arrest the people doing the protesting but not the people in charge of organizing the protesting and inciting the destruction of our country. AKA George Soros and company.


    As always, they attack the symptom of the problem but not the ROOT of the problem.

    When will people ever get it through their heads?

    1. Spot on, NC. The average amerikan has difficulty with multiplicity. Seeing the second layer of anything to them is rocket surgery(thanks gwb), and any layers after that is just too much, so they revert back to layer one!

  2. They couldn’t clear the way momentarily for an ambulance to pass through? That’s pretty low. I doubt they knew there was a child in there, but still…if the ambulance was flashing its lights, they should have cleared a path.

    This doesn’t make the pigs they’re protesting any better, though.

  3. Maybe it’s time to put cow catcher bumpers on the amberlamps ,

    Over the loud speaker comes the drivers voice
    “We are doing over 60 MPH , if you want your lives to matter you better GTF outa the way now”

  4. The family of that boy ought to sue BLM! As to what race that child was, because of HIPAA, the ambulance crew could not divulge that info, but the pix above suggests he was white….good for you, you BLM thugs, possibly killing a possibly white child…I bet you bastards feel good about yourselves!

    And, as DeRay McKesson lives in a Soros-affiliated mansion near Baltimore…

  5. This story is a lie. I live in Memphis. St. Jude stated on their Facebook page, it was a false report. I don’t agree with BLM, but the rally was peaceful. The police chief here actually walked with the protesters. Look it up!

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