Black Lives Matter shuts down major freeway in Seattle

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It’s MLKjr day and Black Lives Matter blocked a major freeway in Seattle a few minutes ago, forcing cops to take them off the freeway one by one:

The activists who filmed this are angry that one of the officers isn’t wearing a mask, threatening to get him fired his lack of covid compliance. Which is beyond idiotic, because these activists are the ones out in the middle of the road forcing officers to manhandle them to restore order on the freeway.

Here they are on the side of the freeway getting arrested, as traffic starts moving again.

Other Seattle officers were subjected to harassment and abuse by more BLM activists (WARNING: LANGUAGE):

Here’s another BLM protest in Portland just beginning, which will undoubtedly turn violent later

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One thought on “Black Lives Matter shuts down major freeway in Seattle

  1. “No mask, your ass is grass”? What happened to “my body, my choice “? That rhetoric should not only apply to pro/anti lifers, but should be applied in every aspect of our day to day lives!

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