Black Lives Matter To Hold Chump, Err Trump Rallies

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Do you know why black folk do and do for the Democrats when they don’t do for you? Because yo’ is a chump.    Malcolm X eight days before his death.  

Violent anti-police rallies in 37 US cities are being promoted on the dark web for THIS FRIDAY, July 15, beginning at 7 PM eastern US time.

SuperStation95 has obtained access to this information and if it goes as planned, many cities in the United States will erupt in ferocious violence, under the guise of being a “Nationwide Call To Action” against police brutality.

While this “National Call to Action” is what appears on the regular Internet to lure people in, on the Dark Web, it is being called a “Day of Rage” and plans are being pursued for hideous and widespread violence!

The cities named in the Dark web posting are listed below. We will NOT publish the organizing locations so as not to aid in this hideous effort.

Phoenix, AZ

Tuscon, AZ

Little Rock, AR

San Francisco, CA

Oakland, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Denver, CO

Washington DC:

Atlanta, GA

Tampa, FL

Orlando, FL

Miami, FL

Chicago, IL

Des Moines, IA

New Orleans, LA

Baltimore, MD

Boston, MA

Detroit, MI

Lansing, MI

Ann Arbor, MI

Minneapolis, MN

St. Louis, MO

Carson City, NV

Manhattan, NY

Newark, NJ

Durham, NC

Columbus, OH

Cleveland, OH

Portland, OR

Philadelphia, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

Nashville, TN

Memphis, TN

Austin, TX

Salt Lake City, UT

Seattle, WA

Milwaukee, WI

How many of these cities will be a repeat of Dallas?

How many completely innocent police officers will be attacked?

How many completely innocent civilians will be hurt?

How much property will be damaged?

Why are these protests being organized when statistics compiled by government, and verified by media show that of 509 persons killed by police in the USA so far this year the racial breakdown is as follows:

White 238

Black 123

Hispanic 79

Unknown 46

Other 23

It should be noted that so far this year 124 police officers in the USA have been killed in the line of duty. That’s right, more cops died than Blacks.


I have been writing for years that the Bankers want a Racial Civil War. Latinos Vs blacks in parts of America but Blacks and Latinos against whites everywhere. Why are they ramping up for a Race War now? Because the Dollar is about to Die. The Bankers want you to fight each other so you cannot arrest the Bankers and seize their assets to fund Debt Cancellation. You can read that article here:

From 11-11-2013. The Uber Rich Want Us To Have A Racial Civil War.

The best response to Race War is to arrest the Bankers, seize their assets and end this Depression by funding Debt Cancellation.

Debt Cancellation Is The Best Way To Take Down Bilderberg

The two posters at the top of this article appeared at Mike Rivero’s website

The article with the list of 37 cities being promoted for potential riots can be found here:

This Friday: Violent Rallies Planned for 37 US Cities – being promoted on the Dark Web! (We have the list)

Black Lives Matter To Hold Chump, Err Trump Rallies

One thought on “Black Lives Matter To Hold Chump, Err Trump Rallies

  1. “Hey, we just killed your dad, here, have a “Teddy Bear”! “See how much we care!” “God, are we ever so good!” “Can we be any more good than that?” “I think I’ll go home and hug myself I’m so good.”

    Welcome to the “Black, White, and Blue Tour 2016. It’s not a racial gig anymore, it’s us against the pigs. “Here, have a “Teddy Bear” and STFU!”

    It’s amazing, George W. Bush can actually read! Who’d a thunk? East Baton Rouge police “foil plot” to kill officers? Foil, foil, foil, there, that should do it! Have we foiled the plot yet?

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, gramma was beatin’ off the Indians but they kept a comin’.

    Well Marshall, this town ain’t big enough for both of us so we need to build suburbs. Yeah, we’ll barf up some sub-standard housing, charge people outrageous prices, and be sipping Mia Ti’s by 5:00. It’s the American way, F’ your neighbor, anything for a buck.

    Sometimes I just want to close my eyes and never open them again. Thank god I’m in my twilight.

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