[Black substance] 170,000 CPM, possibly 130,000~140,000 CPM from β

[Black substance] 170,000 CPM, possibly 130,000~140,000 CPM from βFukushima Diary – by Mochizuki

On 5/10/2013, the video to measure the highly radioactive material was posted on Youtube.

The location is assumed to be in Namie-machi. The details are not clear but Fukushima Diary post this for the reference of the potential study in future.

170,000 CPM of γ and β dose was detected on the black substance accumulate on asphalt. With the shield of 3mm thickness, it decreased to be 40,000 CPM. The substance contains significant level of β nuclide of 130,000 ~ 140,000 CPM.  

The researcher claims he/she named it Black substance.


“I’ll be the one to protect you from a will to survive and a voice of reason”

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Français :

[substance noire] 170 000 CPM, sans doute 130 à 140 000 CPM de β


[Black substance] 170,000 CPM, possibly 130,000~140,000 CPM from β

Le 10 mai 2013, une vidéo expliquant comment mesurer les matières hautement radioactives a été publiée sur Youtube.

Le lieu est présumé être dans Namie-machi. Les détails ne sont pas clairs mais le Fukushima Diary le publie pour référence en cas d’étude ultérieure.
Une dose de 170 000 CPM de γ et β a été relevée sur de la substance noire accumulée sur le goudron. Avec le bouclier en plastique de 3 mm d’épaisseur devant le capteur, c’est descendu à 40,000 CPM. La substance contient donc un  nombre important de β nucléides, pour 130 à 140,000 CPM.
Le/la chercheur/chercheuse revendique avoir donné le nom de substance noire.


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“Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rythm Of The War Drums” – A Perfect Circle


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  1. And still no reporting in the media or any International help. Those Zionist bastards are gonna wish they were never born when we’re done with them. The Japanese should go kamikaze on their ass if it is true that the Mossad was responsible for sabotaging that plant during the quake.

      1. Hey #1, I’d like your thoughts on Jim Stone’s research and conclusion that nukes planted in the ocean caused the tsunami and that mini nukes implanted by an Israeli security firm caused most of the damage to the facility. All in response to the Japanese agreeing to enrich uranium for Iran?

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