Black teen shot by St. Louis cop had gunpowder residue on hands – crime report

A pamphlet for the "Ferguson October" demonstrations is seen on the street by a makeshift memorial for Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri October 14, 2014.(Reuters / Shannon Stapleton)RT

A black teenager killed by a police officer in St. Louis, coming just two months after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, had gunpowder residue on his hands, jeans and T-shirt, according to crime lab results.

Last Wednesday, Vonderrit Myers, 18, became the second black teenager to be shot and killed by a white officer in as many months. Meyer’s death reignited simmering rage on the streets of St. Louis, which is attempting to recover from the August 9 shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown.  

In scenes becoming all-too-familiar for this Missouri city of some 315 million people, protesters took to the streets to speak out against “police violence,” while demanding the arrest of Darren Wilson, the white officer who killed Brown in August. A grand jury is considering the evidence against the officer, but has not yet reached a conclusion.

Meanwhile, the forensics results in the latest shooting incident lends credence to the initial police report that Myers fired at least three times at an off-duty police officer. Myers’ family claims he did not own a gun, but police say they found the weapon he allegedly fired at the crime scene.

The identity of the police officer who shot Myers has not been released.

The St Louis Metropolitan Police Department said in a prepared statement that the presence of gun powder residue on an individual’s body or clothing could mean the person discharged a firearm or was in proximity to a firearm when it was discharged.

While St. Louis Police officials were largely silent following Brown’s killing, they said they would be more forthcoming in this latest incident that has once again cast the St. Louis Police Department in a bad light.

“We’re done as a police union standing in the shadows in these cases. We are actively defending the officer involved in the shooting,” Jeff Roorda, manager of the St. Louis Police Officers Association, told reporters Tuesday.

He believes the crime lab results confirm the police officer’s account of what happened.

“We saw in the wake of the Michael Brown Ferguson shooting that there was a public outcry, fueled largely by agitators in Ferguson where they demanded that police immediately release details,” Roorda said, as quoted by USA Today.

Police officers stand over a chalk outline of a body during a protest at the Ferguson Police Department in Ferguson, Missouri.(Reuters / Jim Young)

Police officers stand over a chalk outline of a body during a protest at the Ferguson Police Department in Ferguson, Missouri.(Reuters / Jim Young)

“That happened in this case. Police immediately, as information became apparent and known to them, released these facts. … Even with that, we still saw violence in the street.”

St. Louis Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Graham said last week that Myers was struck by seven or eight bullets, while police say the officer fired his weapon 17 times.

4 thoughts on “Black teen shot by St. Louis cop had gunpowder residue on hands – crime report

  1. I guess gunpowder residue will have to suffice as justification for killing someone now, as if the pigs needed any justification at all these days.

    I’m still hoping that the good people of Ferguson wake up and eradicate that entire police force, and that practice becomes a new fad in cities and towns across America. NOBODY needs police. They don’t fight crime, and they don’t protect anyone. Stop believing the lies and get rid of the useless bastards.

    Figure out how many of your tax dollars pay for their new cars, equipment, salaries and pensions, and you’ll see who’s really robbing you. That cost, by the way, is BEFORE they start levying $1000 fines for having a beer in your belly.

  2. It is indisputable that many of the boys in blue have been out of control primarily because of the mindset that comes with the militarization of police and the psychopathic SWAT teams who never even verify their information before assuming guilt. However, it must also be said that these men deal with evil people on a regular basis… folks I never want to deal with or have near me.
    Prudence requires that we hear both sides before judging. If not, we are no different from those we rashly judge.
    Rule of law must be demanded by both sides, including alinskyites and marxists. But since they are hell-bent on anarchy and destroying the fabric of civil society, our job is greater. Demand accountability from all parties.

  3. Well, as I think about the term ‘juris prudence’, this term is surmised to mean and apply to well established and applied concepts used to decide civil and criminal accusations/cases where a case or cases were decided, and which were based upon The Bill of Rights which were written/adopted into The Constitution.This means that not only the concepts were written and explained so that the average man could understand it! Specific court cases acknowledged these concepts/principles.All of those who are being paid as employees within the judicial system are charged with a responsibility and duty to UPHOLD the juris prudence=well established settled law as it was intended to be applied. Except for those people who are a part of the problem, we understand and know that the Earth (this globe/ball we live on) belongs to Our Creator as do we if we so choose to be thus. These Blue Lodge Policy enforcers are likewise a part of the problem with a big difference which is that they are armed and have been given authority with immunity to do exactly what we all realize is murder, theft, true terrorism, torture, cause mayhem, disrupt the peace, and participate in a system where the ‘lady of justice’ was kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered long ago. All that is left of her is the memory of what she once represented. There are only 2 criminal activities listed in our law that have no expiration time as to expiration. Murder and Fraud. These cops are clearly murdering people in cold blood and the cover ups and exoneration’s are visible concrete evidence of what we have been shown in movies for decades.=The criminals have bought their way in and have infiltrated the highest levels of the pseudo fake gov’ts. They have enough clout to dictate who prospers, who gets the big bucks (which is not money, it’s not true wealth, but if you are in, then you will have it’s supplied sustenance even though anyone involved at the higher levels know that they could be exterminated for a mistake, or simply that it’s convenient for the propaganda. Those in the know, know that they are living off of the lifeblood of the masses through deception. These ones know that they have used this system to live above the standards of the average deceived persons out there so when they are called to die for that cause they know that choice has been made by their masters which even at this time of their being the sacrifice for the plan/deception to go forward, their families friends are used to ‘convince’ the mark in the plan to relent and go off quietly. And this happens all of the time. Not only in this scenario but also these minions participating in sacrifices with the lives of friends, parents, brothers, sisters, children etc.demonstrates that this mentality is satanic. I do willingly chance the loss of my life to protect/defend myself, my children and their children. When I say the loss of my life I only mean that to apply to my physical body. We are all more than that. Are we physical beings living in a spiritual body, or spiritual beings living in a physical body? If the latter, then, we go on living. Who desires to live in this current physical system where evil is reigning? So, my point is this. Truth about what’s going on vs. what the PTB say is going on is all one and the same with the difference being the application/the interpretation. The difference or definition/interpretation of what is happening. What does the word juris mean in one context and in another? What does prudence mean in one context vs another? It is meant to be applied in the courts of law based upon the documents that the then leaders fomented. The blue lodge cop minions are very low level minions who follow the dictates of their masters and are visibly brutalizing and murdering people over and over again which is evidence in a sense of what is described as the taking of the mark of the beast and whoever doesn’t go along with that process which is also tied to most basically the WORSHIP OF THE BEAST. Scripture doesn’t say that people are killed for refusing to take the mark. They are killed/murdered for not worshiping.All worship is based upon that one calling upon a real or supposed angelic type being for supply, defensive power, supply power place of the True Creator, God-Elohi. I, being a spiritual man first mostly think and do everything based upon the laws and principles given by Him to a specific race/genome. The Life that He made was made to prosper. Every single thing coming out of the ass end of this controlling cabal is the exact opposite. Me

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