BlackRock Begins Buying Junk Bond ETFs for the Fed Today: It’s Already at Work for the Central Bank of Israel

Wall Street on Parade – by Pam and Russ Martens

It’s off to the races today for BlackRock. The New York Fed, with authority from the Federal Reserve Board and backstopped with taxpayers’ money, will begin the first phase of the Fed’s unprecedented leap into shoring up the sagging prices of investment grade corporate debt and junk bonds. BlackRock has been selected by the New York Fed to be the investment manager for these bailout facilities and will begin Phase I today by buying up Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) containing investment grade corporate bonds as well as junk bonds. Making the situation particularly dicey is that BlackRock just happens to be one of the largest purveyors of said ETFs. 

The screaming conflict-of-interest that this raises in the minds of many is not ruffling any feathers at the New York Fed (which is itself a bundle of conflicts wrapped in a fraud monetization spigot that creates money out of thin air.) The New York Fed has swiftly dismissed this problem with the following language in its Investment Management Agreement with BlackRock:

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One thought on “BlackRock Begins Buying Junk Bond ETFs for the Fed Today: It’s Already at Work for the Central Bank of Israel

  1. My Fellow Fleeced Americans:

    This is one of the main mechanisms of how a gov’t seizes control of companies, assets and means of production.

    It is a requirement for Global Tyranny, that they OWN ALL MEANS of production and regulate out, all means of self-sufficiency!

    This is the International Communists/Zionists* consolidation of global corporate control.

    *NOTE: Remember: ALL Socialism, Fascism, Communism, All-“ism’s” are simply subsidiaries of Global Zionism.

    JD – US Marine Disgusted And Appalled By The COOPERATION of any American, especially “Patriotic” Americans” (You know,… the “Sunshine Patriot” types…) with this global Zionism/enslavement!

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