Blast reported at chemical plant in eastern China

Reuters – by Ben Blanchard

An explosion shook a chemical plant in the Chinese province of Zhejiang, state media said on Monday, though there were no immediate reports of casualties in a country on edge after blasts killed more than 160 people last month.

The blast caused a fire and thick smoke to bellow from the plant in Lishui city shortly before midnight, state radio said on its official Weibo microblog.  

Firefighters were on the scene and there were no immediate reports of casualties.

Chemical plant blasts are relatively common in China. At least five people died in an explosion at one in Shandong province last week.

On Aug. 12, explosions at a warehouse storing dangerous chemicals devastated an industrial park in the port city of Tianjin, killing more than 160 people.

Tianjin mayor Huang Xingguo said the city would step up controls on hazardous chemicals companies, according to media reports on Monday.

Reviewing new rules on the sector at a weekend meeting, Huang said priority would be given to strict standards on the hazardous chemicals business to “better protect people’s lives and property”, the Caixin news magazine reported.

The latest incident in Lishui will likely raise more questions about safety standards in China, where industrial accidents are all too common following three decades of fast economic growth. A blast at an auto-parts factory killed 75 people a year ago.

(Reporting by Ben Blanchard and Dominique Patton; Editing by Robert Birsel)

3 thoughts on “Blast reported at chemical plant in eastern China

  1. “Chemical plant blasts are relatively common in China.”

    Not until recently.

    Reuters is trying to make excuses for these obvious attacks to Americans, but Chinese newspapers are probably saying “American spies blew up another chemical plant” in bold-faced headlines.

    It’s not easy to get a world war cranked up. A lot of people have to be successfully deceived.

  2. “Chemical plant blasts are relatively common in China. At least five people died in an explosion at one in Shandong province last week.”


    Oh man. That’s friggin’ hilarious. So now the MSM is trying to downplay our treasonous government’s war on China and their numerous acts of sabotage by saying plant blasts are “common in China”.



    They really think we are that stupid. Why don’t they just say that “extremist” attacks are common in America and get it over with?

    Oh wait! They won’t because then they wont be able to instill fear, sedition and tyranny in the public.

  3. More grey terror to disrupt manufacturing.
    Anyone really know what those plants were for?
    Can anyone confirm the explosion at the us army base in japan
    from someone they may know there?

    And supposedly the russians are about to park their largest nuke sub opposite syria on or near the 17th of Sept.

    And interestingly there’s been financial collapse babble concerning sept 23rd the first day of fall. The fall equinox demands a sacrifice.
    Consider the kenyan mall attacks…Sept21..westgate mall…owned by ‘jews’.

    So i wonder just what is going to ‘fall’


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