Bloomberg: Drones are here to stay and you’ll have less privacy. Deal with it

Canada Free Press – by Robert Laurie

This morning, during his weekly interview with John Gambling, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was asked about the NYPD using domestic drones in the city.  Bloomberg’s answer is…disturbing.

Bloomberg claimed that he wasn’t taking sides on the issue. “It’s not a question of whether I think it’s good or bad, I just don’t see how you can stop that because we’re going to have them.”“We’re just going into a different world. Uncharted,” he said. “Like it or not, what people can do, or governments can do, is different and you can to some extent control [it], but you can’t keep the tides from coming in. We’re going to have more visibility and less privacy. I don’t see how you stop that.”  

So, let’s get this straight.  The nanny-state mayor who thinks he can control the size of your sodas, overrule the 2nd Amendment, and eliminate cigarette displays in public, doesn’t see any way to prevent the NYPD from watching you via domestic drones?

Just a few weeks ago, Bronx Assemblyman Luis Sepulvedaannounced that he was drafting legislation that would severely curtail drone-spying in New York.  In fact, all across the country, laws are being considered that would either rein-in or outlaw the use of such devices.Mr. Mayor?  How ‘bout we outlaw it?You know, like a 2-liter of MountainDew?

Either Bloomberg doesn’t know this or – and this is far more likely – he just doesn’t care.

“Everybody wants their privacy but I don’t know how you’re going to maintain it,” the mayor says. “This is something that society really has to think about – and not by writing a quick piece of legislation. These are long-term, serious problems. Whether we have the discipline to approach problems that way, I don’t know.”

Well, there you have it.  Bloomberg’s decided that society doesn’t have the “discipline” to deal with the privacy issue, so we’d better just get used to having our privacy eliminated.

The fact of the matter is that LIBERAL society (the only kind Bloomberg understands) doesn’t have the DESIRE to maintain our privacy.  Besides, it’s going to be much easier for them to achieve constant control if you just suck it up, and learn to love the drones.

If you’re an old-fashioned sort who actually likes your privacy?  Tough.

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32 thoughts on “Bloomberg: Drones are here to stay and you’ll have less privacy. Deal with it

  1. This guy needs a new crack dealer.That crap he’s been smoking has his brain looking like a six week old bowl of spaghetti.I’m sure he was imported from somewhere south of stupid.The thing that bothers me is he keeps getting reelected.Is everybody smoking the same crap?

    1. It’s called black box voter fraud and it goes all the way down to city elections, maybe even Parent Teacher Associations elections. haha

      So, I guess that that only leaves the bullet box to vote with

  2. Well, Bloomingbrains… what we can do about it is Hang your ass with American Made Hemp Rope after your trial for treason, sedition, and insurrection to, We The People! Then we will have a party with free 72 oz. sodas, and Margaritas with a ton of salt around the top of our glasses. The empty glasses we will throw at your tombstone.

    What would you like on your Tombstone, Mr Bloomingbrains???

    1. Tar and feather him, first. Then string him up. And with THAT being said…I should expect a knock on my door soon.

      1. Tar & Feathers on the way to trial, make him wear pink underwear like Sheriff Joe does, and put him in a orange jumpsuit that says.. “Property of We The People”

        When the warrants of Justice for We The People are sent out to be served. The whole world will be searching for those bastards. All of them!

    2. Actually I would like to see him caged like a animal and the only food he gets is what the people throw at him, like a crust of bread. I would love to see that sob die a long slow death of starvation in a public cage out in the open with no protection from the elements. If the rats want food then let PeeWee fight the rats for food. Sleep light PeeWee damn you..

  3. Sometimes it takes someone like Bloominidiot to make the rest of us realize what a blessing it is to be intelligent.

  4. yeah, well…. stinking Jews are NOT here to stay, so let’s see how YOU deal with that, you lying, thieving, murdering, Zionist piece of trash.

  5. TWITTER will NOT allow me to tweet this article –says dangerous site-I”M NOT KIDDING!! Refuses to allow tweet!! CENSORSHIP

    1. That’s because it IS a dangerous site, niki.

      Dangerous to the so-called ‘government’, that is.

    2. Niki
      Everyone is getting censored on everything. Yahoo is censoring emails if you copy and paste articles like I do, suspend your account. I had to switch to Free Hushmail in Canada. Facebook, will de-friend you with anyone that you say anything with about The Miss Barry Regime, or any kind of politics talk that doesn’t tote the communist party line, and suspend your account. Everyone in my family is getting censored everywhere, for saying anything. All they are doing is driving us to where we can talk freely. I think I am going to go back to using a VPN Virtual Private Network. They are doing it so openly now, that you know everything is coming to a head. It is waking people up too

      1. Yes, Congrats on being effective but it is at the same time terribly frightening. I am sorry they are making things so difficult for you. How are we to communicate when soon our voices are muted and disappeared?

        1. Niki
          It’s actually a good thing that they are cencoring us because it is just one more thing to show the people of what is going on. Like when Yahoo used to censor me they would show me a screen that would say… “your account has been suspended for suspicious activities or suspicious content”. I would take a screenshot of that and send it to all of my contacts as proof. All of my contacts know what kind of emails I send. It’s all truth, exposing the lies, corruption, betrayal, and treason, sedition, and insurection of our usuper would-be-leaders (Get the Hemp Rope) Then now, people are reporting back to me that they are getting banned from FaceTrace/FaceTrack for saying anything at all about The Miss Barry Regime. Even jokes like… “You know why Obama doesn’t have a birth certificate, because test tubes don’t come with birth certificate, but, he/she is petre dish certifide. and they made two of him/her so that he can come back to life three day later from a headwound”, hahaha! Actually, that might be more real then we think! Yikes!

          But, anyway.. everyone is talking about it… so, that is a good thing. To answer your question. Just keep telling the truth no matter what. Wake people up, and it also let’s them know that there are more of us than them. Plus, as long as we have From The Trenches we can talk truth and learn the truth here. Thank you, Henry and Wife for your hard work!

          1. Smilardog, I’ve used Yahoo ever since I got this computer almost a year ago, and they’ve never censored anything of mine.

            And you know the kind of stuff I write.

          2. #1
            I haven’t used Yahoo in over a year. But, some in my family and others have said they get censored by Yahoo for little things they say about Miss Barry. But, Facetrace is the worst. My kids and all of their friends say they don’t even use Facetrace anymore because of that. Which, made me feel good. I am trying to teach my kids to make it popular at their school to be awake to current events and a Patriot or Antidisestablishmentarianism! (hehe), and lame to not know whats going on and be progressive or Establishmentarianism (hehe) I am cracking myself up right now! It’s not everyday you get a chance to use those words hahahaha

          3. I can’t understand why they would censor some of us, and not others. Like I said, you know the kind of stuff I write. I would assume I would be a prime candidate for censorship. Go figure.

        1. I’ve been having a tough time sending you e-mails lately, Angel. Especially replies, they don’t want to go through at all. I have to copy and paste, and send it to you as a new e-mail.

          1. Nothing’s come through on my end.
            As I told you, I’m in Bloomieland. My internet and phones are, shall we say, “compromised.”
            Still looking for that recipe in my inbox. LOL

          2. Angel, you might need to re-install it. About every 6-8 months I have to re-install Firefox

          3. I haven’t sent you the recipe yet, that’s why you don’t have it. I thought you meant you didn’t receive the e-mail I sent you last night about it, so now you’re going to get a duplicate, because I just re-sent it. I’ll send you that recipe after Starbucks kicks me out (they close an hour earlier on Sunday – 11:00) and I get home. Still trying to catch up on the articles. we just had a wicked accident outside, one SUV flipped a few times, so we were all outside gawking for the last half hour or so. We’ve got some seriously STUPID drivers in this city!

          4. I got that one #1. 🙂
            Yes, you’ve got some seriously STUPID drivers there (then again, they’re everywhere). Be safe.

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