Bloomberg: Expand soda ban statewide

New York Post – by DAVID SEIFMAN, City Hall Bureau Chief

What’s good for the city would be good for the state, Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday, recommending that his ban on jumbo-sized sugary drinks be expanded beyond the five boroughs.

Under a new law that takes effect March 12, restaurants and other food establishments regulated by the city’s Health Department are not going to be allowed to sell sugary sodas in sizes larger than 16 ounces.

Supermarkets, grocery stores and even 7-Eleven shops would not be affected because they’re outside the Health Department’s jurisdiction and answer to a higher authority: the state.

When a reporter asked the mayor about this inconsistency — which allows consumers to buy all the 2-liter sugary beverages they want in supermarkets, but prohibits pizza shops from offering the same products for consumption off their premises — Hizzoner replied, “Why don’t you ask the question to the state, which regulates [grocery] stores?”

A few minutes later, he was even more blunt: “The state should do exactly the same thing in stores.”

The message seemed clear: The mayor wants Albany to level the playing field and impose the same policy he did on food stores under its control.

“There’s no beneficiaries if we allow pizza places to deliver more empty calories to kids and to adults,” he said. “But there are clearly benefits to society and everybody else if you go in the other direction.”

Gov. Cuomo’s office declined to comment.

By late afternoon, the mayor’s office had issued a clarification. “The mayor believes our policy on sugary drinks in restaurants and food-service establishments is the right one and it will save lives, so, of course, he believes the rest of the state should adopt the same policy,” said mayoral spokesman Marc LaVorgna.

“He is not taking a position on what state government should do with grocery stores.”

Rob Bookman, counsel for the New York Nightlife Association, said his reading of the law is that the city can’t stop the delivery of sodas of any size as long as they’re not gulped down in the store.

Only one major mayoral candidate, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, is siding with the mayor on the 16-ounce limit. Even Bloomberg’s ally, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, is opposed, according to a spokesman.

“Without question, large amounts of these beverages are unhealthy, but a strong, bold education campaign could have prevented the backlash and some of the unintended consequences,” Republican mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota weighed in.

15 thoughts on “Bloomberg: Expand soda ban statewide

  1. Anyone in doubt that BB is out of control look no further than this man. When they tell you what you can and can’t put into your body we all need to take a step back and ask why has this happened to us… I’d point you to Deut. 28.

    1. What do I keep telling you? You need to put him in the IRON MAIDEN, DUDE!!! Darts are way too good for the guy. Bring back the IRON MAIDEN!!! I’m not crazy or anything. I’m just nostalgic and enjoy the classics. lol

    2. AH HA!
      #1 I finally found a kindred soul! I agree, hanging is far too good for some of these scum. Queen Pe(on my leg)losi should get a life sentence of cleaning latrine pits and slopping hogs!

      1. Yep rhumstruck, and make them use the same toothbrush they brush their teeth with to clean them latrines – budget cuts ya know. Slopping the hogs would not be no sentence for them pigish types, they would feel right at home slopping the hogs.

  2. But aspartame and acesulfame sodas 16oz or 2Ltr will be allowed, won’t they, as they are ZERO calories ?

    Which is what this is about, isn’t it ?

    Never mind that 100 illnesses have been attributed to these synthetics, weighted heavily by aspartame, but acesulfame also produces tumours.

  3. By whose/what Constitution is this idiot telingl you what size soda-pop you may hold? Next he tells you how many squares of toilet paper you may have each day? This is NAZISM. Trash that city.

  4. I’m sure Bloomberg’s richeous crusade against SUGARY soft drinks has everything to do with the health of his serfs…. and NOTHING to do with the fact that he has over 1 BILLION dollars invested in the artificial sweetner business with Johnson and Johnson!

    You will see him make a hell of a lot more profit if soft drinks are banned and only the DIET ones (that put money in HIS pocket) are left!

    A perfect example of “making laws to make money.”

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