Bloomberg reportedly considering Hillary Clinton as his running mate

New York Post

He’s with her?

Mike Bloomberg could team up with Hillary Clinton to try to take down President Trump in November — by making her his running mate.

Bloomberg’s internal polling found the combo “would be a formidable force,” sources close to the campaign told the Drudge Report Saturday.

Bloomberg’s communications director did not deny the rumored matchmaking effort.

“We are focused on the primary and the debate, not VP speculation,” Jason Schechter said in a statement.

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8 thoughts on “Bloomberg reportedly considering Hillary Clinton as his running mate

  1. I guess the only way she can be back in the White House and in power is if she is either the First Lady or the VP. I guess she’ll always have to live with the fact that she’ll never be number 1. Lol

    What the hell has she done anyways? She hasn’t even been seen in years. She’ll probably have a seizure while in office while Bill dies of Syphilis after having sex in the West Wing. Meanwhile, Pee-wee, the Bloomin idiot will come in with his 16 armed bodyguards and blame it all on a case of gun violence done by the girls that Bill raped, as he uses the funding and donations raised for Bill’s tribute to give more money to the Zionists occupying Palestine.

    1. Exactly NC, everyone of these traitor ass JOO billionaires are agents for the corporation. Given green lights, clearing the way to make a fortune with all competition eliminated. Then filter the cash strait to Israel, every piece of shit billionaire play the same game.

      Bezos is the most obvious…120 billion and counting, his wife got 30 bil, she is probably playing hide the cash pallets with Netanyahu right now.

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