Bloombergs at it again: Electronic Cigarettes in the Crosshairs

Eyes Open Report – by Paul Lawrance

Newly drafted tobacco bills leaked by the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) reveals NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plans to wage war on electronic cigarettes.

If the ordinances were to be executed the display of smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes would be prohibited in retail stores and would require 21 years of age to acquire.  

The bills, which were drafted by the Health Department at the request of Mayor Bloomberg, define electronic cigarettes, their parts and accessories as tobacco products.

Tobacco and menthol flavored e-cigarettes would still be available in retail stores, while all other flavors must be sold at age restricted tobacco bars.

Since Dec. 31, 2001 NYC law has prohibited any new tobacco bars from operating.

Michael Bloomberg relentlessly continues his nannying by attempting to executively rule over the behaviors of NYC businesses and consumers.

Bloomberg’s attempt to prohibit the sale and consumption of large sugary soft-drinks recently was shot down by a state appeals court.

Even though the court found Bloomberg’s effort to ban large soft drinks in NYC unconstitutional, the state is still pushing for the laws passage.

Nanny Mike has vowed to decided what is best for other people through the use of force his position as mayor illegitimately grants him until he is replaced as mayor at the end of the year.


8 thoughts on “Bloombergs at it again: Electronic Cigarettes in the Crosshairs

  1. 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry anymore.

    I guess Bloominidiot can do that to a person.

  2. The creature known as mike bloomburg, is just that.
    When you look at all the strife this idiot causes,
    you see nothing more than a side show, and a
    diversion. To keep people enraged over non-issues.
    Yes, this creatures push to ban our 2A rights is a more
    important threat. But a good charlatan always combines
    their cons with items of importance.
    This gives credence, and importance, to garner attention
    to other places which they desire peoples focus.
    Just like the magician, who draws the audiences attention
    away from the act of deception.
    Mikey bloomburg is a side show, to the real issues we
    face as a Republic. One who should be laughed out
    of office, and any places of authority. Yes, he can buy
    people, and all kinds of things, that 99% of us cannot.
    But in a real functioning Republic, his wealth should
    never factor into anything.
    So when we see this creatures act, other than attempts
    to destroy our sacred documents. He should receive
    no more attention than the village idiot.

  3. The government here in the UK is working on bringing in legislation that will see e-cigarettes fairly turned into a waste of time and only available as a private prescription with a top nicotine content of 0.6mg which is about the same as a pound of carrots.

    I smoked for 41 years and when I say smoked, passing cloud is more apt, always a cigarette on the go from the point I woke up to the point I slept and then I had like so many, the epiphany of the e-cigarette discovering them on an unlikely website called ahappydeal where the apparatus was a few dollars compared to the vast prices charged by outlets and I now consider myself a dedicated vaper having more than just the usual disposable equipment and have a plethora of tanks, variable volt batterys and an almost alchemist array of oils in various flavours of which spearmint is my favourite.

    Before I seamlessly gave up tobacco smoking to nicotine vaping eight months ago without regret or even a craving, very quickly the smell of a cigarette became odious as my sense of smell returned, before this daily I had to use my Symbicort and Salbutomol inhalers several times to just breathe, now I use them fortnightly if that and only due to the weather bringing on an asthma attack.

    I pay £15 per 50ml of oil usually, I have a special tank that I can rewire using either ready made atomiser wicks or can source the wicks and wire using them to create my own atomiser wicks, if like me you find yourself being chased by the nicotine monkey and want to become perhaps a little healthier I would recommend it especially as the stuff is so low taxable as well, 50ml of oil will last me up to a month with constant use so compare that in the prices of cigarettes.

  4. They make about $5 in taxes on every pack of cigarettes sold, and I’m sure that’s the prime motivation behind attacking the electronic smokes.

    Bloomberg’s made a fool of himself so many times that I doubt anyone even listens to him anymore.

    1. A pack of 20 cigarettes here in the UK is now approaching the £9 mark which is 14 dollars over there, most of it is taxation

      1. $5.25 here, AG. I smoke about 4 packs a week, so $21.00.

        That would be about $3.00 more than one pack where you are, with the exchange rate at somewhere around two pounds to the dollar.

  5. Probably due to my highly suspicious nature, I have a strong distrust of anything consumed internally that is not natural. Who knows what purpose these things may have been designed for? Possibly even to work in conjunction with chemtrails, or HAARP, GWEN towers, Smart meters, and so on.

    O.K., maybe the tinfoil hat’s on a little too tight on this one.

    But then again, maybe not.

    Question everything.

    1. Well its good to question but most pharmaceutical nicotine is extracted from vegetables such as carrots or from the Nightshade family and here in the UK most companies have signed up to having their nicotines independently checked by Swiss chemist certificaters because the Chinese oils have been found to be somewhat not as good as one would expect.

      You can buy the materials and mix wholly yourself selecting the strength, flavour, whether to use a non vegetable glycol or a vegetable glycol and basically the method of creating the vapour is a length of resisting wire wrapped round a silicate rope wick which when passed current through heats up to produce the nicotine laden steam.

      BAT seem to be first tobacco company to bring out a branded e-cigarette so I imagine heavy taxation is incoming regardless now as the corporations catch on to a money maker.

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