Blown Away . . . for Not Complying

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In addition to “officer safety,” another de facto capital offense in this country is “failure to comply.”

This past fall, a Northern Virginia man named Bijan Ghaisar was executed by armed government workers after a brief car chase. Apparently, the man had been involved in a minor accident – no injuries and he wasn’t the driver who caused the accident –  but he left the scene regardless. It’s possible he had an expired license or some other thing on his mind and feared (rightly) what the “heroes” might do to him if he stuck around. Given the run-amokness of “heroes” these days, avoiding them is reasonable self-preservation. 

We have good reason to fear for our safety.

This resulted in a car chase. Not a “high speed” or “reckless” one. The guy was simply not complying. He stops a couple of times and then thinks better of it as armed government workers begin to approach – and takes off. This of course really annoys the armed government workers – who end up surrounding the guy’s car and ending his life in a hail of bullets.

Their victim was not armed. He posed no “threat” to the “safety” of the “heroes.”

He was, however, non-compliant.

Somehow, the law has transmogrified to justify – legally permit – armed government workers to aim lethal weapons at unarmed people and shoot them to death for this offense.

Which makes sense, from a certain point of view – i.e., theirs.

No challenge to their Authority can be tolerated. This is the fulcrum of things. To allow any disrespect is intolerable, a crime worse than any on the books . . . from the point of view of armed government workers and, of course, the government they work for.

It’s been pointed out that police – armed government workers – have become functionally indistinguishable from occupying soldiers. Redcoats with body armor and automatic-fire weapons.

One of the characteristics of such is the countenancing of no “resistance” to their commands. A POW who attempts to get away is shot as a matter of course. This is exactly how this man was treated.

He was not an armed and dangerous criminal. Just a guy who got into a minor traffic scrape and then – for fully understandable reasons – failed to comply. For this, he was murdered.

A strong word – but the right word.

Take away the buzz cuts, the opaque Intimidator sunglasses – and most especially, the official uniforms and government-issued guns. If an ordinary man – a gang of ordinary men – had surrounded the car of another man attempting to get away from them after a minor fender-bender and then drawn weapons on their unarmed victim – who was trying to get away from them – and rained death upon him with their weapons, they would without question all be facing at least second-degree murder charges.

The part above about trying to get away is italicized for emphasis.

It is generally the law – for all but armed government workers – that one may only resort to deadly force when confronted with a pursuing attacker one cannot get away from. It is generally a legal obligation to retreat from such a confrontation, if reasonably possible.

For armed government workers, it is the reverse. They have been given a literal license to kill people who are simply attempting to avoid them. Which explains why they do kill them – and with such glib abandon.

It’s the perfect gig for someone who wants to kill people – and get away with it.

An ordinary citizen is chastened preemptively about the use of deadly force, if not by his own moral compass, by the knowledge that if he does use it and it’s sketchy in any way, there is a very good chance he will be spending many years in a prison cell.

This is good policy.

6 thoughts on “Blown Away . . . for Not Complying

  1. Too many questions on this one. Was he intoxicated or on drugs? Based on what the Uber driver supposedly said to the news anchor, that is possible. Even if that was the case, why not shoot the tires disabling the vehicle? We’ll never have the answers because the gestapo thugs once again played judge, jury and executioner.

  2. The more people who see these kind of videos will equate to more pigs being SMOKED when they attempt this bullsh#t, imo.

    Proliferation is the key… post them ALL.

    1. Been a ton of the pigs getting smoked already in the past 6 month. They’ll keep strengthening the strain until it snaps and full scale war will ensue.

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