3 thoughts on “Bobcat battles rattlesnake in fight to the death

  1. Shows just how quick cat reflexes actually are.

    Many, many years ago I saw a video demonstration (yes, on the idiot box) using a cobra & a rattlesnake. The demonstrator (not that kind) used a balloon tied to a stick. He stuck it into the enclosure with the cobra… when the cobra went to strike, he yanked it back. He did this several times, and always came back with a whole balloon. Then he stuck it into the rattler enclosure, and before he could even move, the rattler nailed that balloon with a lightning quick strike. He did this several more times, with the same result. Those damn things are FAST! After seeing that video, I would NEVER get within striking range of one.

    1. This is where divine intervention comes in. Two years ago I was covering some bell pepper plants with cans to keep the rodents and squirrels that were gnawing on some of our garden plants off the young pepper plants…as I was about to reach for a can cover I saw a rattler about 6 inches from me and I yelled “Whoa!”, jumped backwards and then grabbed a garden ax-like tool and proceeded to chop at the snake until I chopped off its head. No fear. Just do it! I suspect that snakes can sense fear, and that is what they look for. If you show no fear (or, more likely, God doesn’t allow it) you are more likely to escape being bit by a rattler. Far west Texas is loaded with ’em…one even got into our house once!

      1. Only had one ‘close encounter’ with a rattler… clearing bushes & brush for a campground in the Sierra Nevada mountains in S. CA.

        Bast@rd scared the cr@p out of me when I started hacking at a bush that he was entwined (luckily for me) in. Since he wasn’t coiled, he didn’t have a lot of striking range to work with, so I dropped the mattox and grabbed a hoe…

        …OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!!

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