Bodycam Video Shows Police Officer Shooting Family’s Dogs

Published on Jul 22, 2017 by Dark Horse News

Minneapolis police released body camera video showing how two dogs approached an officer before they were shot and seriously wounded in their fenced-in backyard earlier this month.

14 thoughts on “Bodycam Video Shows Police Officer Shooting Family’s Dogs

  1. “I don’t like shooting any dogs.”

    Bullshit! Gestapo thugs love to shoot and kill dogs and people for shits and giggles. Psychopaths with badges and guns.

  2. That was not even close to justified. But who’s surprised anymore by the barbaric acts of police?

    The silver lining is that this sort of crap wakes up more people.

  3. Name, address, personal transportation, frequented restaurants. There are ways to rectify a persons behavior.

    1. From 300 yds or more. Thump, splat….
      It must have been a meteor….
      They make all these TV shows and movies showing up close and personal.
      No,… I don’t think so…Thugalicious..
      I’d hate to be them when the time comes.

  4. I love my dogs.

    They’re some of the best friends I’ve ever had.

    But the little dog still eats his own poop.

    Well I have a solution.

    I’m going to start putting Louisiana red hot sauce on his poop.

    Then see if he still eats it.

  5. Read “Paul”s comment and take notes people! We will need intelligence when the shtf!!!

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