Boiling Frog Experiment

Uploaded on Mar 9, 2011 by FlameFrogVideo

Gator Oil is the new product that is being used to help people heal their skin conditions faster including Eczema, Psoriasis and Diaper Rashes. Scientists in the USA and Australia were amazed how these prehistoric reptiles were able to survive in their conditions even after loosing limbs from fights over territory.
When the scientists did more research they found that these amazing reptiles which have been on the earth for millions of years have developed a different immune system. They contain peptides that help the skin heal and keep infection at bay.
10 years ago National Geographic researchers predicted that there would be products available for human use that contain these peptides. Last year African Cures USA (a natural health company) released “Gator Oil”. Visit to read more.

2 thoughts on “Boiling Frog Experiment

  1. Oh I am just estatically overjoyed to learn no frog was injured in making this video. The concern for this frog is heart warming now if we could just get as much concern and care for the millions of people especially CHILDREN, being slaughtered in various countries all over the world, it would go a long way toward improving the the image of the human race.

    Concern for a frog is misplaced concern at best. It is a mad mad world.

  2. The video shows just how the sheeple are adapting to the terrible things going on all around them. I only hope the Republic is restored before it’s too late.

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