Bolivians Burn Flags At US Embassy In Bolivia As President Morales Demands Answers And Threatens ‘Measures’ Against Those Responsible For Grounding His Plane

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Protesters outside of the US Embassy in Bolivia call for the US Embassy to be closed while burning flags of Spain, Portugal, France and Italy in anger over the stoppage of the plane of Bolivian President Evo Morales in search of United States hero and whistle blower Edward Snowden. Morales meanwhile has stated that the stoppage of his plane would never be forgotten in South America and promises to take ‘measures’ against those responsible.  

Bolivian President Evo Morales has threatened “measures” against European countries in response to the grounding of his plane in Vienna last week, demanding they reveal the source of false information that Edward Snowden was on board.

“We are expecting European countries that forced me to land to explain what made them think I was transporting the fugitive US citizen. Where did this information come from, and why are they breaking international laws? If we in South America are not given that explanation, we will have to take measures,” the socialist politician said during an interview with RT in La Paz.

South American states will hold an emergency summit next Friday to discuss the unprecedented diplomatic incident.

On Tuesday, Morales’ presidential plane – returning from Moscow – was forced to make a sudden stop in Vienna, after Spain, France, Portugal and Italy abruptly blocked their airspace to him. In Vienna, officials inquired whether the plane was carrying Edward Snowden, the wanted US citizen who leaked details of extensive classified US electronic surveillance programs last month.

Morales blamed Washington for masterminding the audacious scheme.

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