Bolsheviks take to US Streets

Arizona Boy Scouts are now being labeled racists because of the arm patch on their uniforms, which reads “Caution – Border Patrol – Troop 11”.  These Boy Scouts have been sporting the patch for some ten years, and now it has become an issue as a part of the multi-faceted media campaign to create racial division that is to lead to the different races shooting one another in our streets.  After which the insurgent US government intends to step up to disarm us for our own safety.

Three men and one woman were shot within a mile of each other in north Tulsa at around 1 a.m. on Friday morning. The body of a fifth victim, a man, was discovered outside a nearby funeral home in the predominantly black part of the city after 8 a.m. on Friday.  Three were killed and two were wounded in these attacks.  All the victims are black and the two suspects who have been arrested are white.

We have to realize what is going on here.  Our enemies in the insurgency are determined to divide us and turn us against one another in an effort to save themselves from a war they cannot win.

Last week we had a 78 year old white man attacked by six youths.  This was also identified as a racial attack, though some of the youths were white.  The media is even bringing up incidents ten years old in their effort to create racial conflict.

This stinks of Bolshevism.  This is how the CIA and Mossad got the Egyptian, Libyan, and Syrian people to start shooting one another.

You may say, why would the individuals involved risk prison or even lethal injection for a political cause?  Well I will tell you what I see.  These insurgents have been pushing for the final phases of a Bolshevik revolution in the United States since putting their insurgent CIA puppet Barack Obama into our presidency, and literally everything has been going wrong for them as we the people have found our way back to our Constitution that offers the only logical solution to the situation.

Bolsheviks being Bolsheviks, they are now going hard core and the individuals doing the shooting for them have been guaranteed short incarcerations.  You see it takes about two years minimum to try a murder case and these Bolsheviks believe they will be freed by their comrades before they can be brought to justice.

With the Trayvon Martin propaganda campaign failing, I think we can expect further blatant attacks designed to create a race war on our streets.  We cannot allow this to happen.  We must keep the truth in the forefront of our thoughts and that truth is that everything we are seeing is being orchestrated to pave the way for total gun confiscation to be followed by political genocide.

We are standing at the abyss and if we waver even slightly, I promise you these Bolsheviks will be going for our throats.  Any mention of even the smallest infringement upon our 2nd Amendment must be met with absolute refusal.  We must let these Bolsheviks know that in the United States of America, there is never going to be a good enough excuse to disarm us.

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