Border Wall Needed. Voter ID Also Needed.

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If there is no barrier, people will migrate to America until there is no economic gain from migration. Dr Milton Friedman

15 percent of Mexican workers (6.7 million people) work for the minimum wage, and 4.1 million Mexicans receive incomes below the minimum wage. One in seven Mexican workers earn the average minimum wage of 65.58 pesos ($5.10) a day or less.  

Low wages are an incentive to migrate to America. Another incentive would be outstanding warrants in Mexico.

As of July 2016, Mexican Americans made up 11.2% of the United States’ population, as 36.3 million U.S. residents identified as being of full or partial Mexican ancestry.

The 2010 census indicates that since 1960 Mexico’s population has more than tripled. In 1950 the Mexican population was 28,485,180 which is less than the Mexican population of America today. The total Mexican population in 2018 was 130,759,074.

Given the rapid rise in automation, would America be able to absorb 50 million more unskilled workers?

We need a border wall.

But we also need Voter ID with an interactive magnetic strip just like bank cards so no illegal aliens can vote. And nobody can vote two or 3 times. And poll workers won’t be able to vote for people who were not enthusiastic enough about the candidates to bother going to the polls.

We have a $22 trillion national debt. Dr Mark Skidmore found that $21 trillion had gone missing from the DOD and HUD budgets between 1998 and 2015. Why should we pay taxes if the government can’t prove they are not stealing money from us by the trillions? And, if they can’t prove the politicans in the Congress and Senate were fairly and honestly elected to represent us?

I favor the Chicago Plan of 1933 which was recommended to President Roosevelt and was based on Dr Irving Fisher’s 100% Money. First, it would go back to President Lincoln’s Greenbacks which were a non-interest bearing currency. If we had Lincoln’s Greenbacks today, our national debt would be zero as opposed to $22 trillion.

Secondly 100% Money would ban fractional reserve banking which allows US banks to loan out 10 times what they have on deposit. In Britain banks are allowed to loan out 33 times deposits.

Fractional Reserve Banking allows creation of speculative Bubbles and mountains of Unpayable Debts. A Depression is a period in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse.

The total M3 Money Supply for the US is $10.5 trillion. If we had a non-interest bearing currency, we would save $550 billion a year in interest payments because we would have zero national debt.

If we allowed money supply to grow at the same rate as the economy, we would have no price inflation as the ratio of money to goods and services to buy would be constant. That means with 100% Money, we could safely increase the money supply by 4% or $420 billion a year. Suppose we spent $120 billion a year improving infrastructure. That would create jobs. Americans make 185 million trips a day over one or more of the nation’s 56,000 substandard bridges. If we do nothing, America will soon become a Third World nation where electricity and water are only available so many hours a day.

I would propose, as an incentive to get Voter ID reform, that we give $300 billion a year to US citizens 18 years of age and older who are not institutionalized. Subtracting out 20 million non-citizens and 74 million under 18, we would have approximately 235 million eligible to receive monthly deposits. I would suggest depositing that share of sovereign wealth generation around the 27th when most Americans have more month than money.

This is as opposed to our current system under which Bankers have the right to charge us interest on money they created out of nothing which transfers all wealth from people who work and gives it to parasitic Bankers who bleed us dry.

$300 billion divided by 235 million works out to about $1,200 a year which is $100 a month for singles or $200 for married couples. You might want to eliminate this benefit for multi-millionaires.

You might also want to give amnesty to Americans who have two or 3 Social Security cards so they can work on one ID, collect unemployment on a second ID and receive welfare or disability for a third ID. Real Voter ID would eliminate these cheats and save us billions.

After we get a grip on voter ID, the next step would be to have honest vote counts with an auditable paper trail. Politicians couldn’t pander to vote thieves and will be forced to campaign for support from American citizens and not illegal aliens.

I would love to go to Social Security and see if there were really millions of people over 106 years of age. And I would love to kick off disability every immigrant who never paid into the system but was brought to live here by their children to be paid by US taxpayers  to babysit their grandchildren.

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    1. May I add this addendum, Koyote? Dear Video Rebel–you do know, doncha, that they only reason the criminal psycho elites would actually build that wall is TO KEEP US IN!?!

      If a “wall” is actually built to keep out MS-13 and human traffickers, etc., then let me know. so that, while the CPEs are doing whatever they can to steal our second article rights and guns is when they will build that wall, to keep us in, as we no longer have the right to bear arms. THAT is when the wall will be completed…and then they’ll put barriers in the Gulf, Atlantic and Pacific to “keep us in” on the waters as well (and, oh yeah, walls on Canada’s borders as well.)

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