5 thoughts on “Boston Bombing Saudi Prince / Osama Bin Laden’s Son PROOF

  1. The part about the General exposing nukes is interesting… but not much anyone can do to prepare for nuclear Russian roulette.

    I’m sorry, Cathleen, but this Boston Marathon video does not clearly identify the person running in the video as being a Saudi Prince. The narrator keeps making the comment regarding this individual as having ‘olive skin’, which is also lame evidence. You will need to show a picture of what he was wearing when he arrived at the hospital and match it with the image in the video.

    I will admit that Michelle Obama visiting the Prince at the hospital, and the USA covertly deporting the Prince back to Saudi Arabia, is questionable. However, don’t you think that the people directing the “official story” would have fabricated evidence to tie the Saudi Prince with the Tsarnaev Brothers, if the failed Prince was the person designated to be the patsy?

    I do believe that the Tsarnaev Brothers were set-up and innocent because the official story fell apart over a week ago. Furthermore, if the investigation really had conclusive evidence that the brothers were guilty, then they would not be attempting to implicate the boys’ mother and Tsarnaev’s wife.

    BTW: Glenn Beck is an egotistical opportunist. I’ve seen his manic depressive see-saw act before, teetering on both sides of the fence. Mentioning him in any “plausible” conspiracy theory will absolutely diminish credibility.

  2. Take it or leave it … use your own discernment. I didn’t create the video. 😉

    . . .

    1. I didn’t intend to piss you off, Cathleen. You posted the video with “PROOF” written at the end of the caption. I will contend that the caption was copy/pasted with the video.

      “PROOF” would require indisputable evidence — not biased presumption. This is basic common sense writing practice. Furthermore, proof does not require discernment.

      I’m sure that the individual in the video was not the only dark haired person with olive skin and dark mopped hair attending the Marathon The video could not even help to discern if the individual was a male or female… unless you wanted to start a speculative Salem-style witch hunt for olive-skinned people with dark mopped hair dews.

      Just my opinion… take it or leave it.

  3. I have seen this video before and wondered about the dude running
    and thought this in itself was sort of suspicious the way in which the
    dude was running. I do not think the running dude is the Saudi Prince
    as the running dude is too pale skinned. I, too, believe the brothers
    were set-up especially after the military spokesman stated Dzhoknar’s
    throat was slit to keep him from talking (only to them). Tamerlan’s wife
    I believe is being blackmailed to keep her mouth shut. Anything is
    possible now-a-days. Then we have a so-called president who was told
    since he was a kid, he would be president.

  4. this is just my opinion and no disrespect to anyone here. i believe the saudi prince angle is disinformation.

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