Boston Bombing: WMD-CST agency from Bloomberg’s New York and the Muted Suspect

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New damning information is being brought to light while the real perps tip their hand.

In Bizarro World, epic failure pays. In the stock market, in the regulatory business, (NORAD?) epic failure to protect investors and the public pays off. That is the rule of thumb in our twisted sick society. Bankers stole because the regulations were removed by politicians who got super rich for doing it. Citizens and workers were blown to pieces in Texas and the Gulf of Mexico because regulators are in bed with big business. Those same regulators finish their term of service “regulating” for the government then quietly take a well paying job with the companies they failed to regulate.  

When you think about it, on one level it is Bizarro World. On another level it makes perfectly logical sense.

Let’s add another chapter to that story: WMD-CST agency from Bloomberg’s New York, tasked with protecting the public from weapons of mass destruction and slated for the chopping block for budgetary concerns, is assigned to assist in protecting the people of Boston from weapons of mass destruction at the Boston marathon. And the day after their epic failure, the Sec. of Defense renews their contract and keeps them going.

When you think about it, on one level it is Bizarro World. On another level, it makes perfectly logical sense.

Remember all the talk in the early stages of the Boston bombing that centered on a couple contractor looking guys hanging out right beside the location of the first bomb? Remember how they appeared to be associated with or at least trained by Craft International?

If you recall, that was the direction the unofficial investigation was headed before the deliberate disinfo that was leaked by the authorities that distracted us for a little while, the “Bag Men” disinfo published by the New York Post.

Then came the resurgence of the “Saudi national” story which Di$info jumped all over again. Glenn Beck is all over that one now. After they failed to mislead most, suddenly the FBI needed us to help them identify two guys who were not only already on their radar, but were practically renting a cubicle down the hall from the water-cooler in the FBI’s Boston field office. That was deliberate distraction 3, the final one.

That kinda backfired on ‘em but it bought them a day or so (Thursday) to keep us chasing our own tails looking for guys they knew all too well, so they could concoct some ridiculous story about why they needed to impose martial law on the entire city of Watertown and Boston to chase down one stupid 19 year old kid with 9,000 troops.

Well, now that the story of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has completely fallen apart, Glenn Beck is back to the “Saudi national” distraction in a big way and Di$info Jone$ is trying to whitewash the one true lead the unofficial investigation was following, the WMD-CST agency from Bloomberg’s New York (see this and this).

Remember this?

(Someone sent me an email saying the second bag this guy appears to be carrying could actually be a radio. He does have a mic on his lapel. Don’t know if that is true but if it is, are any of the other team members using this type of clunky radio? I don’t know… could be)

Turns out, the two guys on the ends happen to be with the The 24th WMD-CST of Brooklyn, N.Y. (that would be Billionaire Bloomberg’s New York, mind you). They received their certification from the Department of Defense on Nov. 30th 2010. What was their mission?

“The 24th WMD-CST of Brooklyn, N.Y. is fully ready to assist civil authorities in responding to a domestic weapon of mass destruction incident, and possess the requisite skills, training, and equipment to be proficient in all mission requirements.” DoD website

In that photo, they are standing less than 50 feet from ground zero of the first bomb that went off on April 15th in Boston. The man standing between them with TWO bags? Don’t know who he is. He’s not with them a little while later just after the bombs go off and the WMD-CST team gathers to figure out what to do. Who is the guy standing between them? Who knows. He seems to have disappeared.

Why was the WMD-CST team from New York in Boston? Why were they there when their funding was about to be cut? Another good question.

A day after the bombings at the Boston Marathon, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel rescinded his decision to disband the rapid-response unit based at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn.

His abrupt change of mind was a relief to New Yorkers amid the sudden new concerns about terrorism. During testimony on Capitol Hill, Mr. Hagel announced that the Pentagon won’t deactivate the 24th National Guard Weapons of Mass Destruction-Civil Support Team (WMD-CST).

The defense secretary indicated he had reconsidered the importance of the WMD-CST across from Staten Island on the Brooklyn side of the Verrazano-Narrows bridge.

Members of the New York unit were less than a block away from the deadly the April 15 explosions at the Boston Marathon. They were part of a survey squad deployed at the request of their counterpart unit in Massachusetts.” SI Live

You see, they were asked to go there and take part in what is called a “survey squad”. What does that mean? Well, my guess, based on the fact that they and their teammates were positioned all along the final stage of the route, was they were there to “survey” the area and keep a lookout for a suspicious looking person who might be carrying two bombs in bags slung over his shoulder.

I don’t know… here’s an example… maybe something suspicious looking like the guy standing beside them carrying two bags?

I don’t know.

But what I do know is this: whatever they did or did not do, the bombs went off right beside where the survey team was standing and people were injured and maimed and killed… except for the survey team of course. They weren’t maimed. You can see them standing there afterward and it appears they all still have their legs.

Whatever it is they do, they must have done a great job because now they are getting more funding for doing it. Works out in the end doesn’t it?

Some might say that all we need to do is get that little pencil necked 19 year old terrified kid to start talking and we will figure this all out soon enough. And then people like me will stop making up wild conspiracy theories.

Well, that ain’t happening anytime soon.

You see, the best friend of the Billionaire Mayor from New York who these CST guys effectively work for is the mayor of Boston. He actually started a little action committee with Bloomberg to get the 2nd amendment rights taken away from “certain people” in this country.

That mayor just happened to make a statement today.

Boston Mayor Tom Menino said on Sunday authorities may never be able to question the Boston Marathon bombing suspect, who lies seriously injured and unable to speak after eluding police for 24 hours.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, was in “very serious” condition at a Boston hospital after being captured Friday night, Menino told ABC’s “This Week” program.

And we don’t know if we’ll ever be able to question the individual,” he said without elaborating.” Reuters

We may never know why this young man with so much going for him who had acclimated to American life so well decided to throw everything away and set off a couple bombs in Boston for no apparent reason. And we should be “OK” with that, says Billionaire Bloomberg’s bestest buddy. After all, there’s no motive for the Aurora Massacre or the Webster New York ambush or the Sandy Hook slaughter for that matter. So why should this be any different? Why should we expect anything more from our elite investigative teams who have bombs going off right beside them and can’t identify suspects they’ve been in contact with for years?  Why should we expect that 9,000 military grade troops can’t rustle up a wounded and half drugged out 19 year old kid for 12 hours while they kick in doors and roust innocent civilians … like they do in Israel?

Why should we expect anything more?

I’m looking around and what I see is a great deal of effort being made to blame everyone but who benefited from this terrorist act. The Israeli DEBKA file is saying the kids were “secret double agents” who turned on their handlers (presumably the FBI since they had so much contact with them) when they were radicalized by that “ebil Islam”

Prison Planet looks like they are jumping back on the “Saudi national” bandwagon with Glenn Beck while the Washington Post tries to rewrite the official story to fix the narrative by leaving out some critical pieces.

Yes this is Bizarro World folks and yes, there is a definite logic to it. All you have to do is squint your eyes and hold your tongue and you can see it if you want to.

It ain’t gonna get any better anytime soon.

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