Both Groups Charged with Conspiracy to Storm the Capitol Were Led by FBI

Investment Watch – by Chris Black

It is very clear that we are moving very fast to something very bad.

Two different groups were charged with conspiracy to storm the Capitol on January 6th: the Proud Boys, which is currently designated as a terrorist group in Canada, and the Oath Keepers. The Oath Keepers were the first to be charged with “conspiracy”: 

TIME Magazine:

A man who authorities say is a leader of the far-right Oath Keepers militia group and helped to organize a ring of other extremists and led them in the attack last month at the U.S. Capitol has held a top-secret security clearance for decades and previously worked for the FBI, his attorney said Monday.

So, the leader of the Oath Keepers was glowing in the dark, but what about Proud Boys? Well, what do you know: their leader is also an FBI informant, who used to work on undercover stings since 2012.

Moreover, the Oath Keeper guy was actually a former FBI agent, division chief, who held a top security clearance since the seventies.

Meanwhile, Ricky Vaughn, a memelord who helped Trump win the election in 2016 was indicted on conspiracy charges, after he was doxed by Christopher Cantwell and Paul Nehlen, who informed on him to the FBI.

MILO Yiannopoulos also was an FBI informant, as we learned via court documents from the Charlottesville civil lawsuit. The bizarre “The Base” aka AtomWaffen terrorist group was exposed as being run by a CIA glow-in-the-dark agent with an active CAGE code.

For anybody with 2 neurons to rub together, it becomes obvious that we live in a country where the entire right-wing is effectively controlled and manipulated by the FBI/CIA/whatever alphabet agency you can think of.

To put it simply, the Capitol riot, storm or whatever was quite literally organized by the FBI. As in, the FBI organized the “events”. And now, the FBI is arresting regular Americans for a crime that was carried out and organized by the FBI.

This is a hard pill to swallow, but this is what happened, and is continuing to happen.

Everything in 2021 is part of a complex psyop, aimed at right wing Americans, Trump voters mostly, who are designated as white supremacists and domestic terrorists. The end goal is to dissolve the US into Globo Homo Shlomo, or Global Capitalism as they call it, with as little resistance as possible.

The Capitol is currently under military occupation, and no one is explaining us why. The governor of Illinois claims that he sent troops to fight disinformation and white supremacy.

You should know that your face is already in a facial recognition database, there are already cameras all over the world in every public place, and many of these cameras are about to be linked into the global facial recognition database which, using 5G, will allow for real time registering of every movement anyone makes.

These are the two basic goals of ZOG:

  1. Prevent the masses of people from uniting under a single flag, keep them fighting amongst themselves, keep drama energy rolling
  2. Provide the Western establishment with a boogieman to justify their own actions

You saw a lot of #1 during the Trump era. Under Biden, you’re going to see a lot of #2.

PS: did you see this?

MAGA Blood Libel: Why Are They Hiding The Medical Report?

Law enforcement officials now tell CNN that there was no fire extinguisher blow, no bloody gash, and no blunt force trauma to Sicknick’s body when he died.

Not only that, but it is increasingly unclear when, where and if Sicknick was even rushed to the hospital

As it turns out, multiple hours after the protest had already concluded, Sicknick texted his own brother Ken that very night he was basically fine, other than being “pepper sprayed twice,” confirming he was safe and “in good shape.”

Then, an odd thing happened. The next afternoon, the Sicknick family began getting phone calls that Officer Brian Sicknick had been declared dead. The phone calls didn’t come from the hospital. They didn’t come from the treating physicians. They didn’t come from the US Capitol Police, or the FBI, or the DOJ.

They came from media reporters. 

Investment Watch

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  1. “Everything in 2021 is part of a complex psyop, aimed at right wing Americans, Trump voters”…..
    Well good, that leaves us here in the trenches out of the loop.

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