Boulder CO. Takes Aim At Gun Owners with Mexico Style Gun Control

Ammoland – by F Riehl

Boulder, CO – -( Boulder, CO is aiming to bring Mexico-style gun control to the city with a slew of gun control measures they plan to introduce to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Boulder King Soopers shooting coming up in March.

Not one of the laws proposed would have stopped that horrific tragedy, but they would ensure a lot more of them could happen by disarming even concealed carry permit holders. 

What’s even more alarming is that Boulder is apparently working with surrounding communities to pass this package of gun control in solidarity all at once. Which communities? We’re not sure. Chatter has led us to believe Broomfield, Superior, Lyons, Longmont, and Louisville are under consideration.

We’ve submitted Colorado Open Record Act requests to Boulder along with other municipalities asking for any and all communications among anyone and everyone within their local government and outside governments regarding these plans. This will provide us with insight as to which cities are part of their “community plan” while they try to keep it hush – and we can get ahead of their game.

They are requesting an additional 7 days and hundreds of dollars to provide us with these records, alleging it will take dozens of hours to collect these communications.

This is what Gun Control is currently being drafted:

  • Banning of all open carry inside city limits, including handguns.
  • Banning of concealed carry in “sensitive locations” including government-controlled spaces, places worship, places where alcohol is sold, near or in polling locations or near ballot drop boxes, preschools and daycare centers, banks, theaters, stadiums, and more.
  • Raising the age to purchase a firearm to 21, possibly ban possession for those under 21.
  • 10 Day waiting period to purchase a firearm.
  • Ban on their definition of “Assault Weapons” and magazines over 10 rounds (reinstated) and ban bump stocks (which are already federally prohibited).
  • “Warning signs” about the dangers of firearms and suicide on gun stores and shooting ranges.
  • Ban the possession, carry, use, manufacture, and sale of non-serialized guns (Ghost Guns).


4 thoughts on “Boulder CO. Takes Aim At Gun Owners with Mexico Style Gun Control

  1. All this crap is supposed to do what exactly, bad people aren’t going to go along with this. All they are doing is creating more places to raise crime and targets of unarmed people left defenseless.

  2. not asking for much are they!
    of coarse none of this will stop anything! if someone want to get a gun, THEY WILL GET A GUN! THIS WONT STOP THE NEXT MASS SHOOTING! this pathetic excuse of gun reform will not prevent a gang member from getting a gun! all this is, is a feel good piece of crap to make the sheeple feel better!!!

    1. All your arguments are irrelevant.
      The 2nd Article of the supreme superior unalienable ratified law of December 15, 1791 forbids infringement of the 2nd Article. It is the highest law of the land and no one needs to send Ammoland any money. All their people need to do in Boulder Colorado is enforce the 2nd Article with the 2nd Article. It is the law and it is their duty to do so.
      F-k all this subject matter bullshit arguments, this is so the law firms, the esquires, the queen’s servants can argue bullshit when the 2nd Article stands in place. Enforce the law or lose your f-king guns.

  3. makes perfect sense.. 21% (that they admit to) of Colorado is Mexican. Boulder is affluent. avg income over 100k.. houses avg nearly 3/4 of a million dollars. only 9pct Mexicans there. so when they come to “rob the rich” those fine upstanding Law abiding Citizunzz” wont have any defense. and they WILL COMPLY because they want to keep their money and house. people with money don’t think about freedom or lack thereof because they’re either consumed with making money or overwhelmed with trying to keep it. We submitted.. We complied.. And in the end.. We still died.

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