Boy Scouts expected to lift ban on gay adult leaders on Monday


The Boy Scouts of America is expected to end its ban on gay adult leaders on Monday, dismantling a policy that has deeply divided the membership of the 105-year-old Texas-based organization.

The Boy Scouts National Executive Board will consider a resolution that was unanimously approved by the organization’s executive committee on July 13. The organization is urging an end to the ban because of “sea change in the law with respect to gay rights.”  

The decision would follow the landmark ruling in late June by the U.S. Supreme Court allowing same-sex marriages nationwide. In May, the Boy Scouts’ president, former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, called the ban “unsustainable” and said it needed to change.

The Irving, Texas-based organization lifted its ban on gay youth in 2013, but had continued to prohibit the participation of openly gay adults.

The selection of Gates as president of the organization last year was seen as an opportunity to revisit the policy since he helped end the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that barred openly gay people from serving in the U.S. military.

The Boy Scouts of America, whose stated mission is to prepare youth for life and leadership, has 2.5 million youth members between the ages of 7 and 21 and about 960,000 volunteers in local units, according to the organization’s website.

The anticipated end of the Boy Scouts ban has been welcomed by gay rights advocates and criticized by conservatives.

Zach Wahls, an eagle scout and executive director of Scouts for Equality, has labeled the ban a “towering example of explicit, institutional homophobia.”

John Stemberger, chairman of the breakaway Christian youth outdoor program Tail Life USA, said on Friday that lifting the ban is an affront to Christian morals and will make it “even more challenging for a church to integrate a (Boy Scouts) unit as part of a church’s ministry offerings.”

The membership policy change would no longer prohibit gay adult participation but would allow local units latitude to make their own choices regarding gay leaders.

“The BSA national policy that prohibits gay adults from serving as leaders is no longer legally defensible,” the organization said in statement earlier this month. “However, the BSA’s commitment to duty to God and the rights of religious chartered organizations to select their leaders is unwavering.”

(Reporting by Marice Richter in Dallas; Editing by Grant McCool)

8 thoughts on “Boy Scouts expected to lift ban on gay adult leaders on Monday

  1. Sad…..The last truly great gateway to help our boys become men just turned into a Jew bathhouse establishment. Tragic…..,


  2. This is very sad. I was a Boy Scout back in the 60’s and 70’s. My dad was my scout master; he was career Army and he ran his troop as it was intended, as a jr. military unit (again, as Lord Powell set it up, not jr military the way the military operates today). We had a great troop. My dad had troop in Wisc. that’s considered to be the first integrated troop in that state as well as the first integrated troop in Ga. We had one kick ass troop!

    I’ve tried working with the Boy Scouts in recent years and I just scratch my head and walk away. Scouting is NOTHING like it used to be and nothing like it was intended to be. It was intended to teach boys honor, confidence, skills and to help shape the male youth so they are good upstanding young men as they grow to adulthood. Today, the Boy Scouts have been so well gutted, the boys and leaders are so wimpy, the only thing the boys will carry to adulthood is the thought they are entitled, emasculated, scared little sheep.

    At this point, I would rather see the Boy Scouts go away rather than destroy scouting any further than they already have because the left has pretty well taken over scouting to a point where it is irrelative.

    Sadly, I know first hand scouts are pretty much handed their merit badges for simply showing up and ‘kinda’ going through the motion. Scouting is intended to teach skills, but today they hand out participation trophies for just showing up. Seems no one is able to or willing to make any of these kids sweat to achieve a goal, is willing to take away their electronic handicaps (phones, ipads, etc) or is willing to be the adult in the room.

    As an Eagle Scout myself, coming up before the advent of the ‘new’ scouting, I say it’s time to either do away with scouting or it, like our government, needs to be gutted, cleaned and reinstated as it was originally intended.

    A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.

    The motto, which I live by every day – Be Prepared!

  3. Well, this can’t be a good thing. The downward spiral continues…
    I didn’t trust the BSA anyway, as their rules didn’t stop homos from participating.
    While my son was in cubscouts, I made certain that I was around as much as possible to keep the undesirables at bay. I did suspect that there was something not right about the ‘leaders’ of said pack. (a man/wife team)
    My son wised up and quit after cubscouts… just after the (leader) man allegedly shot himself in the stomach and died. (reportedly he had a fight with his wife)
    I only know these details because my son was friends with one of the boys who happened to be offspring of the ‘leaders’, and my departed wife somewhat friends with the mother. (the asst. leader)
    Funny thing about this incident: there was never an obituary for the guy, not a thing in the news, period. I took notice that the woman seemed to pick right up afterwards and was seeing another guy…maybe she’ll have another 6 kids to him. (well, that could already have happened. as this was 10 years ago)
    That reminds me of that shooting incident in the Amish schoolhouse years ago…the wife of the shooter was remarried like 3 months after it happened.

  4. Another Rockefeller trilateral commission globalist commandeers an organization into the satanic new world order.

  5. Why, why, why, would a gay man want to be a scout leader?

    Adult males generally want nothing to do with kids that aren’t their own, unless they have a sexual motivation.

    Gay men don’t have kids of their own, but pedophiles ALWAYS seek employment or volunteer work that brings them in contact with kids.

    Unless you want some homosexual pedophile taking your kids to the swimming hole, you’d better get your kids out of scouting today, because I can guarantee that every gay pedophile in America is signing up right now to lead his local scout troop.

    1. It’s not just a scouting issue, JR. These pedos and/or homos always seek jobs around children, not just extracurricular activites.
      I’ve seen so many examples over the years that I could not bring myself to trust the BSA when my son was involved. I’ll never know the whole story about what exactly happened to his pack leader, but something obviously was not right or he would not have ended up deceased.

      1. “… something obviously was not right or he would not have ended up deceased.”

        The ONLY way to deal with scum-of-the-Earth pedophiles.

        and jews

    2. A male heterosexual would never be allowed to take a girl guide troop on a camping trip.Why should a gay man be considered acceptable to take your boys on one? Typical double standards from the SJWs

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