Boy Tasered for Playing in a Tree, Mom Says

Courthouse News – by Rebekah Kearn

LOS ANGELES (CN) – A boy with Asperger’s syndrome was playing in a tree when Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies ordered him down at gunpoint, then beat and Tasered him, his mother claims in court.

Monique Castro says her son, I.C., was 15 when three L.A. County sheriff’s deputies beat the tar out of him for nothing on April 27, 2014.  

She sued L.A. County and its sheriff’s Officers Victor Iniquiez, Jamil Johnson and Sgt. Byron Ward, on June 11 in Federal Court.

Asperger’s syndrome is a developmental disorder similar to autism.

Among other things, children with Asperger’s have difficulty communicating and interacting socially and may have eccentric behaviors.

Castro says her son had merely “climbed up a tree to play” when the three officers “arrived with their firearms drawn” and ordered him “to come down from said tree.”

She says her son “fully complied” with their orders, but the deputies beat the hell out of him anyway, throwing him to the ground, kneeing him in the head and Tasering him.

She says the deputies did not formally arrest him “for any reason.”

He needed medical care and still suffers from “emotional distress and anxiety,” according to the complaint.

The Sheriff’s Department did not respond to requests for comment.

Castro and her son seek punitive damages for excessive force, negligence, assault and battery and pain and suffering.

They are represented by Humberto Guizar of Montebello, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


2 thoughts on “Boy Tasered for Playing in a Tree, Mom Says

  1. Here we see stinking pig bastards beating and torturing a small boy only for their amusement. There’s not even an attempt made to justify them bothering this kid in the first place. They just drew their guns on him, tazered and beat the kid for no valid reason whatsoever.

    They’re sick bastards, and they need to have their heads removed. There’s no cure for this. Pigs can’t be saved.

    And just as bad as the stinking pig bastards, are the stinking rat bastards that dial 9-1-1. They need to have their cell phones rammed up their vent.

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