BOYCOTT Homeland FedEX Forever

3 thoughts on “BOYCOTT Homeland FedEX Forever

  1. “You ordered what comrade worker?”
    Having lived in a major city I can understand someone wanting to make certain they got the right place (ID) to avoid package theft but this is getting stupid. What possible reason would they need to SCAN you into their system when they already have everything they need to deliver it? Also, as the one who is supposed to receive if you want your stuff delivered somewhere other than your home that is your business not theirs, including whatever problems are a result of it. One little step at a time.

  2. FedEx delivered status of a package that wasn’t delivered to me is BS.. I don’t get how they can get away with ripping off people that paid good money to have an item shipped then deny any fault when they made the mistake.. I truly hate FedEx with a passion and cringe any time a package is being shipped by them.. they brutalize the packages and are usually late with their deliveries I wouldn’t trust them with a piece of paper or a chunk steel, they will find a way to screw up your item or purchase… “BOYCOTT FedEx”
    UPS has never failed me, i get packages that were as pristine as the day they were mailed, USPS does a fair job with hick ups at times but nothing as bad as FedEx
    FedEx Sucks FedEx Sucks FedEx Sucks FedEx Sucks FedEx Sucks FedEx Sucks FedEx Sucks

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