Boycott These Five Corporations.

BoycottMilitia News – by John Hawkins

Contrary to what you hear from liberals, the biggest flaw conservatives have is being overly tolerant. Really? Seriously? We’re “overly tolerant?”


Conservatives will listen to a Hollywood star trash us as intolerant and then we’ll go watch his movie anyway. Musicians will openly support Obama and call us racists; yet we’ll still buy their albums. Corporations will bend over backwards to undermine everything we hold dear and then we’ll turn right around and buy their products. Conservatives make up 40% of all Americans and if we start letting our values dictate where we spend our money, we can transform America’s culture in a hurry. Our money spells the difference between a blockbuster and a flop, a hit single or a bust, and a corporate CEO ending up on the cover of Business Week or looking for a new job. You want to even the playing field in America? Then stop propping up corporations that want to destroy everything you hold dear. When a company does something you don’t like, close your wallet until management gets the idea. When your money talks, corporations listen. Here are five easy ones to get you started.


1) Chrysler: It’s bad enough that Obama spent billions of dollars of your money to prop up the fat cats at Chrysler, but after the crooked deal was done, United Auto Workers ended up owning 55% of the company. In other words, every time you buy a car from Chrysler, your money is helping to prop up a liberal union that works non-stop to elect as many liberal Democrats as possible. Chrysler isn’t a corporation with a liberal union attached; it’s a liberal union with a corporation attached to it.


2) Progressive Insurance: Peter Lewis is the Chairman of Progressive Insurance Companies and outside of George Soros, he may be the biggest liberal sugar daddy on the block. This former close friend of Ted Kennedy has poured tens of millions of dollars into the ACLU, America Coming Together, and MoveOn, among other liberal causes. So, why not get your auto insurance from a company that isn’t working to destroy the American way of life?


3) Capital One: Having someone like Alec Baldwin as your spokesman just screams, “We don’t want conservative customers.” This is the same Alec Baldwin who has said, “Gingrich is a cranky history professor. Romney is better suited for country club president. Obama sees what govt’s priorities should be. Obama…2012″ and “Until Limbaugh gets real, weans himself off the big salary and runs for office, he will always be nothing more than a poorly educated, marginally talented buffoon who has developed a real talent for manipulating the G-spot of the neocon consciousness and massaging the hate gland of so many economically displaced white voters in America.” Why give money to a company that holds you in such contempt that it would hire a man like this as its spokesman?


4) Starbucks: Do you really need overpriced coffee from a corporation that detests traditional marriage? Not only is Starbucks pro-gay marriage, but when a shareholder complained that boycotts over gay marriage were costing the company money, “Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz responded…by telling him that he could, ’sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company.’” If you’re a Christian or just someone who believes in traditional marriage, the CEO of Starbucks is publicly saying he doesn’t want your business. Can’t you find your coffee somewhere else where you aren’t forced to swallow Starbucks’ disdain for you along with your Java?


5) The AARP: Despite the fact that its membership opposed Obamacare because it would destroy our healthcare system, the AARP supported that abomination because it is going to make a killing marketing insurance under the bill. It’s also doing more than any other organization to block entitlement reform, which is making it practically impossible to keep America from sliding into bankruptcy. On top of all that, AARP is a left-wing organization that has backed gun control and Planned Parenthood while fighting against a Balanced Budget Amendment. You might as well just give your money directly to the Democrat Party as to the AARP.

Written by John Hawkins.

5 thoughts on “Boycott These Five Corporations.

  1. Ephesians 5:11 (NKJV)
    11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness,
    but rather expose them.
    Unethical business practices of those who walk in darkness will
    only lead to the destruction of all who partner with them.
    As the writer of this article tries to do …expose them for what
    they are. So as to warn others.

    1 Corinthians 15:33 (NKJV)
    33 Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good habits.”
    Evil associations corrupt behavior. Those who do business with
    those who are corrupt, will undoubtedly bring you down too.
    Easier said than done in this corrupt world. But I’ve made a
    personal commitment, not to purchase a product, nor a
    service from many, many, businesses. First of all, you’re only
    cutting your own throat in the process. Secondly, they either
    endorse horrible organizations, and / or sponsor them, who’re
    working to destroy all that we hold dear.
    Again, to our detriment they only grow bigger, stronger, and
    more arrogant, should they continue to receive business.
    To raise up again, and again, only to slap America in the face.
    I’ll only hold businesses like these, and others like them, with
    the contempt they DESERVE.
    All the while, watching them as the enemies that they are….
    untrustworthy and deadly.

  2. The list is one hell of a lot longer than this. This article gives the mistaken impression there are only five. Give me a break!!!

  3. Any corporation that supports fascism (corporate ownership of the US government)…which is most of ’em!–ought to be boycotted, but unfortunately that would leave precious few food items, sanitation items, decent drinking water, internet, etc. etc. for us to buy or use…unless you are mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually ready to get out of the system that is…then again pretty soon it won’t be a matter of boycott, but a matter or not being able to afford anything when the dollar collapses (not if but when–THAT is what we need to prepare for!)

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