15 thoughts on “Brace yourself! Its Walmart Time again! Do you Redneckognize these people?

  1. hey, it’s Cousin It’s cousin 3 pics from the end.

    any of these pics would go well with
    …..meanwhile in America……
    written below them

    I feel normal now

  2. What’s really scary are the ones who think they’ve succeeded in looking good for their trip to Walmart. The elephant in the tutu would probably look a lot better in a bathrobe.

    She’s probably in the camping aisle looking for a two-man tent that she can use for a dress.

  3. How in the world did the woman in the last photo get into that basket much less how will she get out? … Maybe turn the basket upside down?
    . . .

  4. If you are into black meat #18 isn’t bad from the back either. But that whale in the last photo should be returned to Sea World.

  5. At least the old lady with the shirt that proclaims she loves to fart is honest, and generously lets you know it would not be wise to follow her around the store.

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