Brainwashing our children


March 21st, 2021.

For you adults who believe in and trust vaccines….this video illustrates why. You have been brainwashed incessantly since you first heard about vaccines. This demonic video is brainwashing your children that everything will go back to normal if they get the experimental mRNA injection. But we are being told on the msm that we have to maintain social distancing, lockdown, limited to no freedom and wear masks. If you have yet to see through the blatantly obvious pandemic hoax and tyrannical agenda, God help you.

One thought on “Brainwashing our children

  1. Who Made this dreck?

    We will and must document all the scum involved at every level of this global crime. A very special celebration at their hangings will be made for people who have made propaganda such as this, aimed at the young minds.

    DTTNWO Eternal…

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