2 thoughts on “Brave New World vs 1984: Huxley Tells Orwell “I Was Right”

    1. Hi Mary. I will watch this video this evening, but yes, you are correct; they were both insiders. I have read some analysis claiming they both saw things going too far and wanted to get the word out. Can’t prove that’s true. And I’m sure their level of wealth likely kept them connected. But… That said…

      I can’t think of two writers who have influenced me more, who set me on-guard to what the world was, in fact, turning into. The creative, imaginative, and intelligent way these two presented the-tyranny-of-many-disguises was so profoundly upsetting and alerting, that is set a couple of generations in motion to always “question authority,” and to “never trust government.” In a way, these two, intentionally or not, started a revolution. It may not have been brought to fruition, but it lit a fire. Bradbury did, too, with “Fahrenheit 451,” where the burning of books became a sin of sins to every free man.

      Was this all a slick psy-op of Revelation of the Method? Was it a major distraction mechanism? Who can say? But if their plan was nefarious, I mean against a free people, it fully backfired on them. Perhaps unwittingly, but they set off a chain of awareness that grows strong ’till this day. If there is any meet-up in eternity, these are the two I certainly have to see to find out what the hell they were up to. Maybe I’ll end up saying. “Thank you!! You helped me kill Big Brother.”

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