3 thoughts on “Braveheart: Stephen the Irishman

    1. (laughing)
      I didn’t do it.
      I’m one hundred percent American.
      Although there is a lot of Irish crimson bebopping around in them there vessels.
      A wee bit of Prussian, and Greek too.
      That’s one fkd up pup 🙂

  1. Thanks for posting this, Hal. Encouraged me to watch it again since I only saw it once and that was when it first came out 28 years ago. I’m only half through it; will finish tonight. But it still holds up and is almost more relevant today then it was in the nineties. This William Wallace is inspiration to the core, not only in his courage and tenacity, but in how he couldn’t be bought, no matter what bargain they attempted to sell. Freedom has no price.


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