Breaking Boston Bombing Amputee Actors Exposed

Published on Aug 22, 2013 by Truth Hertz

The establishment whore media just had to pump another” Boston Bombing” story at us to keep the “Myth” going. Well, this time it backfired on them.

After the story came out, someone close to me, who has felt this was a false flag all along, said that they were “conflicted” because of this story. So, we exchanged a few pictures and BINGO, we spotted something that nobody else had picked up on. So here it is…

Sent to us by a reader.

3 thoughts on “Breaking Boston Bombing Amputee Actors Exposed

  1. The exposure started with Abel Danger and ended, so far, with the ouster of Janet Napolitano due to this Abel Danger generated googlebait:

    google [ dhs + Margie Sullivan + redtree + Vogt + dunning + Field McConnell ] ( boston false flag )

    google [ Napolitano + dhs + dmort V + hseep + crisis actors + vision box + Field McConnell ] (sandy hook false flag )

    Governor Malloy of Connecticut has had this information since January and has continued the lies regarding Sandy Hook. Last week Abel Danger coerced him, Gov Malloy, to cancel Conn. State Police speaking engagements in California and Texas. Any questions? Search our twin sites abeldangerdotnet and presidentialfielddotcom or email me at If you want to see a video, youtube Oathkeeper Field McConnell. Will be speaking in Las Vegas soon, hopefully 9/11/13

    1. NO security clearance needed, just to be a dumb, lowlife wanna be actor or willing to sell there soul for a small check. They all most likely have to sign a non-disclosure agreement and are threatened or family threatened if they ever talked.

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