13 thoughts on “Breaking! Horrifying Video Captures AJ Dancing in Between Broadcasts While Son Fishes for Marlin.

  1. I can’t look….but you don’t have to either.

    The mere fact of this fat, lying piece of trash dancing and vacationing while the rest of us prepare for all manner of horrors is all you need to know.

    I guess the future look rosy for lying, treasonous, Zionist shills. Knowing that his last dance will be on the end of a rope is what keeps me going.

      1. I know! I should have waited a few hours! It’s a huge fault I’m cursed with. They have to lock me up before Christmas, otherwise I’d spoil the surprise! *grin*

    1. Alex Jones is the Trenchers whipping boy.

      AJ runs infowars.com.

      No need to waste too much of your time listening to him, maybe enough to learn why he is the whipping boy.


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