Breast-fed Baby passes away after being poisoned by Mother who had taken the Pfizer Covid Vaccine

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A five-month-old baby has tragically died after becoming seriously ill within hours of his mother receiving a dose of the experimental Pfizer / BioNTech Covid vaccine.

The incident was reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Recording System (the USA’s version of the MHRA Yellow Card scheme in the UK) on the 4th April by the clinician who had attempted to save the life of the baby just a couple of weeks earlier.

The report (which can be found here using VAERS ID – 1166062) details that the mother of the baby received a second dose of the Pfizer jab on the 17th March whilst at work. But the next day her five-month-old breast-fed infant developed a rash and was inconsolable. The baby refused to eat and developed a fever.

The Doctor who made the report describes how the mother brought the extremely ill child to the local Emergency Room where assessments were carried out. It was discovered the baby had elevated liver enzymes. The infant remained in hospital for treatment but tragically declined and passed away just two days later on the 20th March 2021.

The infant had no known allergies, birth defects, disabilities or pre-existing conditions, and was not exposed to anything other than the Pfizer vaccine via his mother’s breast milk.

The report also lists several other conditions that developed prior to the infant’s tragic death, on top of the elevated liver enzymes as detailed in the Doctor’s write up. Elevated liver enzymes indicate inflammation or damage to cells in the liver, and can be caused by alcohol or drug-misuse.

The five-month-old baby also developed thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. This is a condition that results in blood clots forming in small blood vessels throughout the body. This in turn results in a low platelet count and low red blood cells due to their breakdown. This then often causes kidney, heart, and brain dysfunction. This is the very condition which has been proven to be caused by the AstraZeneca viral vector “vaccine”. So it now looks like we have evidence the Pfizer jab can cause the same ailment.

No tests have been carried out to confirm whether or not any of the experimental Covid “vaccines” are safe for use during pregnancy or during breast-feeding. Sadly those silly enough to still get it are suffering the grave and tragic consequences of their actions with the deaths of either their unborn or newborn children.

This isn’t the first heartbreaking death of a baby due to the Covid vaccines, and unfortunately it will not be the last, as the authorities determination to vaccinate every man, woman, and child on the planet is unwavering.

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6 thoughts on “Breast-fed Baby passes away after being poisoned by Mother who had taken the Pfizer Covid Vaccine

  1. I am baffled as to why nursing and pregnant women are taking any ‘vaccine’ but especially one that has not received approval
    Are they doing this on their doc’s recommendations? Docs get monetary compensation for each vax

    1. And another thing–doctors, all of them allopaths (because they no longer teach homeopathy in medical schools), tend to promote the notion of feeding babies formulas instead of breastfeeding and will even make up crapola to get the mother to stop breastfeeding (which my daughter-in-law did when she was told my grandson was “lactose intolerant”…what a load! I know it’s BS since he now drinks regular milk!). I thank God my own doctor (who will retire soon, unfortunately) uses homeopathy as well as allopathy and does not support these mRNA “vaccines”).

      1. I’ve seen the opposite. Just 4 yrs ago I had my son, 7 yrs a daughter. 7 yrs ago, I was kindly given the nursery or in room stay. 4 yrs ago (had it not been for my oversized 10 lb boy) they insisted he room with me, and immediately start breast feeding. Pediatric follow ups almost felt like being shamed or guilted, because not all of us are super talented at breastfeeding.

    2. Doctors offices def do get incentives for “meeting metrics”, as they call it. For performing at certain percentages of their panel roster. I.e. if 85% of your panel get flu shot, you get X dollars, under 85% no incentive $. The regular primary care physician offices are at the mercy of Medicaid and Medicare, if they don’t want to end up in the red. It’s quantity, not quality. Which is why many docs who have their own practice, do rounds at a hospital, have lots of nursing home patients, attend the BS insurance company meet and greets, etc. mind you, these docs don’t usually see any of the patients in any facility. They have a team of physician assistant students, licensed PAs, nurse practitioners, etc.
      it’s reprehensible. I tell pts, did you “get blank”, would you like ‘blank’, no, ok, cool, let’s take your blood pressure. I’ve chosen to not let my office be one of those. Fortunately, my boss is 150% with me and we respect every persons choice.

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