‘Brighter days ahead’: Oregon to fully reopen by June 30


Published on 26 Jun 2021

With Oregon on the verge of meeting Gov. Kate Brown’s goal of 70% vaccination, the governor announced the state will reopen no later than June 30.

4 thoughts on “‘Brighter days ahead’: Oregon to fully reopen by June 30

  1. Every time I see one of these tyrants dictate their unlawful proclamations my blood boils.
    Of course these easing of restrictions will be blamed when the vaxecuted start dropping once the ‘flu’ season rolls around

    1. “The vaxecuted”! Love it! You’re right though, those of us who refused the death shots will be the scapegoats for the masses who start dropping like flies sprayed with bug killer. It works perfectly for the psychopaths to keep the “Boogeyman Virus” alive. Anyone with a functioning brain knows this whole pandemic/scamdemic was pure and utter bullshit from the get-go. They tried scare tactics “It’s the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon variants! Quick! Take the death shot so this horrible disease that doesn’t exist won’t kill you!” They tried their illegal “lock-downs” and “mask mandates”. All of it has failed MISERABLY! The only reason why they haven’t declared “mandatory vaccination” is because they know that just like trying to disarm American Nationals, they will destroyed outright. Instead, they try gimmicks like “lotteries”, “gift cards”, etc. which are the same as “gun buy back programs”.

      P.S. If Kate Brown or any other treasonous, Communist, Marxist, Zionist, Socialist scumbag thinks they are off the hook because they are now reversing their illegal dictates, well, as a Judas Priest song puts it: “You’ve got another thing coming!”

  2. Are people really still buying this load of crap ?
    And doing what they are told ?! Sad sad sad

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