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Brilliant YouTuber Lampoons Censorship of Jewish Influence

Russia Insider – by Charles Bausman

With all the Bruhaha around the admirable Ilhan Omar and her refusal to be cowed by Jewish elites, this video could not be more topical.

YouTube is literally awash in videos discussing the Jewish Question, many of which are quickly banned by YouTube’s J-Left censors, only to pop up again on new accounts like so many forest mushrooms, a fact which itself speaks volumes about changing public attitudes. 

This one, from YouTuber ‘Alternative Hyphothesis‘ might be the best one we’ve seen yet, because he creates an ingenious and humorous defense mechanism against censorship, which criticizes and highlights that very censorship.

This is precisely the kind of fair, reasonable criticism that is needed on this issue, free of hate or demonizing, (this one is done with a sense of humor), just addressing some very troubling facts that we as a society are going to have to face sooner or later. This is what I called for in my January 2018 article, It’s Time to Drop the Jew Taboo, which has been viewed half a million times, and been translated into 4 languages by fans – French, Russian, Spanish, and Polish.

He uploaded the 20 minute video at the end of April 2018, and since then it has, according to YouTube, gotten 105,000 views, 2300 comments, and 6800 up votes, a ratio of 10:1 over down votes, if you believe YouTube’s statistics, which you shouldn’t. I am quite sure the views are at least 5X higher, but more on that below.

The video, jam-packed with facts and stats covers key criticisms of Jewish influence, listed below. The ingenious part however, is that the author, instead of lamenting the situation in a negative way, states from the outset, and continues through the whole video, to praise the Jews as a being simply ‘ahead of their time’, very ‘forward thinking’ and a ‘wonderful people’, whom the author ‘loves’, exhorting viewers not to engage in ‘antisemitic remarks’.

The technique works brilliantly – watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. A full transcript of it follows below.

The topics covered are:

  • History of Jewish expulsions from many different countries.
  • Anti-white attitudes of American Jews as revealed in polling.
  • Extreme over-representation of Jews in American elite professions and among students in elite universities.
  • The divergence of political views of American elites (which are heavily Jewish), with the views of average Americans, especially on social issues, again based on authoritative polling.
  • Hypocritical stand of Jews, again from polls, on 3rd world immigration – ‘not for me (Israel), but yes for thee (the West).
  • Finally, he points out that many of the ills of modern America can be traced to Jewish dominance and influence – corrupt campaign finance, corrupt financial system, dishonest media, failing higher education, an overly litigious and legalistic society, liberal opinions on sex, morals, etc. – for all of these sectors are heavily dominated by Jews.

He then closes by saying that one shouldn’t discuss any of this, because it is de facto criticism of Jews, which is de facto anti-semitism (in the sense of hating on Jews) something he stands resolutely against in every way.

This is a great example of foiling the censor. It is reminiscent of the best satire of the USSR and Tsarist days, when Russian wits poked fun at the censors, and managed to get a lot of things past them by skill and ingenuity, meant to be read ‘between the lines’.

Considering how well the video is made, and what a hot topic it addresses, I seriously doubt YouTube is telling the truth about the number of views. Given how large the global nationalist audience is (10s of millions), and how widely this video has been shared and discussed, the 105,000 number is obviously dramatically under-stated. Evidence of its popularity is that it has even been subtitled into Polish and French. You can also bet your bottom dollar that YouTube is using every algorithm in its arsenal to keep it from spreading.

This is, after all, YouTube, who retained the SPLC to help them flag undesirable content. The SPLC featured Russia Insider in the ‘Hatewatch’ section of their website (since taken down).

This video is generating such an enthusiastic response from viewers, that one wrote in to us, offering to provide a transcript of it, complete with screenshots from the video, which follows below. As far as we know, this is the only place on the internet where you will find it.

It is a little bit rough, as it seems to have been generated from YouTube’s automatic subtitles, but it gets the job done.

I can’t recommend this video enough. It should be required watching for every American, in fact for every citizen of every country in the world. It’s a good one to get people to watch if they are new to these ideas. It is lively, entertaining, humorous, compelling, and fast moving.

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YouTube description:

A video celebrating the courageous and forward-thinking people we call “The Jews”. Also, telling you all to COOL IT with the anti-semitic remarks.

This video is going to be a celebration of the Jews. So who are the Jews as we know them today?

Well, they are a group that always caused quite a stir wherever they go.

They arrived in Europe sometime before 680, but by 629 AD King Dagobert of France expelled all the Jews from France. Jews were expelled from England in 1290, Austria in 1298, France again in 1394, in several German states in the 1400s, Spain in 1492, Naples in 1493, Portugal in 1496, Bavaria in 1551, and the Papal States excluding Rome in 1569.

By then most Jews had moved into Eastern Europe especially the Russian Empire and particularly Poland which eventually became part of the Russian Empire.

See the rest here: https://russia-insider.com/en/history/brilliant-youtuber-lampoons-censorship-jewish-influence-must-see-viral-video-full-transcript

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  1. Katie says:

    Yep, the jew DEVILS abound. There are jews in all the major institutions, media, & controlling most things that every one of us commits some kind of antisemitism on a daily basis as we bitch about this or that.

    Just like all the so called “laws” on the books; we each break hundreds per day, so it’s been said.

  2. KOYOTE says:

    “He then closes by saying that one shouldn’t discuss any of this, because it is de facto criticism of Jews, which is de facto anti-semitism (in the sense of hating on Jews) something he stands resolutely against in every way.”

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    The title alone is brilliant!


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