Bring in the Radiation Surveillance Clowns

Crimes Against Humanity

One can interpret events as coincidences-until they fit too well to be anything but part of a well-conceived plan.  This is the unfortunate case regarding the radiation threat from the tragedy of the Fukushima Daiichi reactor melt-down.

The key to determining if you have been exposed or contaminated by ionizing radiation begins with determining the event.  Government documents define radiological events.  

Radiological or Nuclear Mystery

Image:  View government animation on Dispersal Methods

Radiological incidents originate from a Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD), such as a dirty bomb.  They can also come from a hidden radioactive source or device such as radiation being sprayed from the bottom of an airplane thereby contaminating the food and water supply.

Hidden sealed radioactive source in metro car: 150 Ci iridium source under seat

View government animation: hidden radioactive devices in public transportation

Radiological Emission Devices (RED) are another scenario that government officials are considering. Underneath a seat in public transportation, is placed a hidden radiological device emitting 150 CI Iridium-192.  These RED devices send out a strong pulse of radiation into the body while RDD is a slow continuous stream of radiation into the body, much like what we are receiving from Fukushima.

Nuclear incidents are in a classification which includes blasts, detonations, and explosions involving a nuclear explosion with fission such as what we saw at Fukushima.

Ionizing radiation sources can be solid, aerosol, gas, or liquid.  Contamination of people may occur via air, water, soil, or food.

Where do you get your information?

We presume that there was a nuclear event at Fukushima because we received information from authorities.  We saw news footage of the event and radiation monitoring.  Many of us observed elevated levels of radiation with our own radiation detection equipment.   Years after the original radiation event surveillance has gone underground with agencies monitoring water, soil, food and air.  The healthcare enterprise is discovering clusters of victims with radiation-linked clinical signs and symptoms.

Two Radiological Exercises This Year!

full-scale radiological dispersion device exercise (RDD) will take place on August 12-13 in Minneapolis, Minnesota followed up by the Dana Farber Cancer Institute hosting a full-scale exercise in September.  Given government definitions, these exercises will be a dirty bomb or radiological contamination through the food and water supply or possibly a device hidden under a seat in the transport system.  Government sources indicate that it will not be a nuclear bomb incident.

Americium and Californium Isotopes?

Is it coincidental that a radioactive isotope is named Americium (Am-241) with a half-life (the time it takes to decay) of a mere 458 years?  It is absorbed into the body through inhalation and the skin but travels into the lungs, liver, bones, and marrow.  Another isotope of interest has been named Californium (Cf-252) with a half-life of only 2.6 years.  It gets into your body through inhalation and ingestion and then straight into your bones and liver.  Americium and Californium are provocative names for radioactive isotopes to say the least.  Do they have a dual meaning?  Do not take my word for it, please check it outwith your own eyes!

Contamination or Exposure

Contamination - Full BodyView government radiation contamination animation!

Have you been contaminated or exposed?  This is the question.

Contamination results when an ionizing radioisotope (gas, liquid, or solid) is released into the environment and then ingested, inhaled, or deposited on the body surface.  Only when the offending isotope is eliminated will the contamination cease.  Contamination can be determined by scanning with a radiation meter or swab each nostril to determine the internal (lung) contamination.  If you have been decontaminated and have residual radioactivity, suspect that you are internally contaminated.

Exposure - Whole Body

View government animation on external radiation exposure

Exposure occurs when all or part of the body absorbs penetrating ionizing radiation from an external radiation source.  If a person is shielded or leaves the area exposure to radiation stops. This has not happened with the radiation from Fukushima.  We are being continually contaminated. 

An individual exposed to external radiation will not reflect radioactive exposure by a meter, is not radioactive, and can be approached.  Anyone exposed to significant radiation can possibly exhibit Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS).  If you begin to vomit after exposure note the time of onset and other sub-syndromes of radiation poisoning.

Tag!   You Have Been Contaminated

View government animation on internal contamination

Once it sinks in that you have been contaminated and you realize that you have ducked acute radiation poisoning, we might be relieved because cancer seems a distant possibility.  The fact of the matter is that you are at the base of the ‘mountain of sorrows’ about to embark in a grueling climb.  As if humans were a lab rat or a bacterium under a microscope the radiological surveillance clowns have been documenting the damage radiation causes.  This is not for our benefit, but to watch us squirm, writhe, and die.

Scientists who have studied nuclear and radiological events have discovered that along with radiation comes a plethora of maladies that can cause death which include:  stroke; heart attack; hypertension; respiratory diseases such as pneumonia & asthma; digestive diseases, the most prominent being cirrhosis of the liver; infectious disease like tuberculosis (TB); chronic renal disease, and even senility.  Each nuclear test and radiological event has been completely analyzed.  A cursory look at documentation will reveal that radiation exposure can result in everything from a peptic ulcer to arthritis!  SALT is used to triage radiological events: Sort, Assess, Life-saving interventions, and Treatment.  I have a hint for you, given perception of “scarce” planet resources, you will not have access to life-saving interventions and treatments.

Be aware that the caveat for large mass casualty settings “acceptable levels of residual contamination may be revised upward by authorized response leaders”.

It has been determined that persons potentially exposed to radiation should be registered into a global database for long-term monitoring and tracking.  This extends to actual victims and those who thing they may have been exposed or contaminated, as well as all responders.  Tracking and surveillance “may be required for many years”.  Health and Human Services (HHS) and Center of Disease Control (CDC) are responsible for population monitoring.  The term population monitoring, as used in this manual, does not refer to the monitoring of facilities, farm animals, vegetation, or the food supply. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are monitoring the environment, facilities, and the food supply.

What can I expect?

Image:  Population Monitoring

You can expect a medical head-to-toe assessment, documented survey results, and a radiation scan of your face, head, shoulders and hands.  If the scan indicates radiation, you will be decontaminated, but no more than three times.  More than three times indicates internal contamination.  Biological samples will be taken including swabs from your nostrils and a urine sample.  You will be discharged with the date of your “incident” and they may tell you…although they probably will not, that your immune system has been compromised, you have a risk for cancer, and that your organs may begin to fail.

Image: Secured Document

Your risk increases by a third of succumbing to circulatory, hemorrhagic, infectious, digestive, or organ failure if you have been exposed or contaminated to radiation.  This does depend upon various factors including your age, lifestyle, geographical location, health, and socio-economic status.  The average is consistent among cohort studies from around the world spanning: victims of radiological events, X-ray technicians, and patients undergoing a simple x-ray for a medical or dental procedure.  It includes Chernobyl and occupational exposure to radiation.

If you want a good night sleep, you probably will not want to use this study to lull yourself into a tranquil sleep.  It exposes the degree to which we have all been violated by surveillance for nefarious purposes for many years.


There are countermeasures that you can do mitigate the damage from radiation such as Prussian Blue, Ciprofloxacin, Levofloxacin, and Fluconazole.  You can also use a chelating agent (DPTA), a salt that chelates radioactive rare earth heavy metals transporting them in the circulation, and enhances excretion in the urine. Chelating cannot be used for internal contamination with uranium.   Chelating also draws essential minerals out of the body that must be replaced.  Simplified, a chelating agent will bind the radiation and eliminate it from your system through the natural elimination process.  If damage has already been incurred, it will not reverse the damage, but you can stop more damage from occurring.  If you want to go the pharmaceutical route, there are FDA off-label medications to mitigate radiation symptoms.  You may prefer natural solutions such as iodine, kelp, various clays, cayenne pepper, cilantro, and other supplements to reverse or mitigate damage from ionizing radiation.

Right this very moment you are being exposed and contaminated by radiation, whether it comes from Fukishima or covert intentional releases.  Is this a well orchestrated plot or just coincidence?  Health and Human Services proudly displays their REMM websiteproviding you with gory details about radiation and surveillance.  The government will try to convince you that the radiation is background radiation, natural radiation, or even cosmic radiation…but now you know the truth. Meanwhile, governments around the world are bringing in the radiation surveillance clowns.


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  1. Good post Missy. we here have already taken defensive measures, via a.l.a, nascent iodine. also have bentonite clay if needed. great article.

  2. Thanks Paul, We are also taking iodine and supplements with the clay. I found liquid kelp, which is iodine at a tenth of the price of the iodine. So we bought a few of those, they were way cheaper.

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