Bringing Diggerdan Home

Daniel Deline was born May 20, 1955 in Gold Beach, Oregon and died May 22, 2014 in Colfax, Wisconsin.

When Diggerdan died it was his wish that half of his ashes be spread in Wisconsin and that the other half be brought to Gold Beach, Oregon where he was born and raised.

Millard, being Dan’s closest friend, scattered half of his ashes in Wisconsin via a ceremony he videoed for we Trenchers, which is posted on the site.  It was Millard’s intent to bring the other half of Dan’s ashes to Oregon, and he and Laura and I were to take them to Gold Beach to be put into the Pacific Ocean.  Millard’s failing health made it impossible for him to travel.  

Upon Millard’s death I stated during the broadcast that I would like to complete the task.  Millard’s daughter was listening to the broadcast.  She contacted us and we made arrangements to have Dan’s ashes shipped to us.

Dan is now home and surely his soul is at peace.

Thank you Mark Schumacher for the gasoline, motel room, and most excellent dinner.

Thank you GrayRider and your lady friend for accompanying us at Gold Beach and for the excellent lunch and excellent conversation.

And with that, this chapter is closed.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we the free nationals for the united States of the Americas shall prevail.

23 thoughts on “Bringing Diggerdan Home

  1. He was one of my absolute favorite Trenchers, and a good friend… hands-down THE hottest-tempered poster, a real firebrand, bar none. I literally used to cringe whenever I came across a nasty reply to one of his comments that he hadn’t seen yet, knowing full well what was coming when he did. And what a talker… I rarely got off the phone with him in under an hour, sometimes it was over two! He had a rough life, and I really do believe the so-called ‘government’ did all those things he said they did to him. FREAKIN’ COMMIE SCUMBAGS!!!!! 😡

    I really miss him, and I’m glad he was able to be brought back here… no better state to be in, imo.
    Thank you Mark, Henry & Laura for your kindness in fulfilling his final wish.


  2. Henry you’re a good man and Laura you’re a fine woman. You did a beautiful thing and displayed great honor and reverence for two American National Brothers who were awake but now sleep. Their voices will live on as they have been captured at FTT. Thank you for sharing the closing of this chapter with us. May Millard’s family be well and blessed for taking good care of Diggerdan.
    Awesome and kind regards to all those that Henry made mention of that stepped up and put their special touch upon this occasion.

  3. Thank you Henry, Laura, and the others that made Diggerdan’s last wishes a reality. I know he is looking down, smiling, and thanking each of you for your kindness.

  4. I’ve never had the opportunity to view Dan’s memorial video until just now. What a great job Bob(Millard) did.

    Loved Dan’s little piece of paradise in Wisconsin.

  5. Amazing how the time flies. I can’t believe four years have passed since he died. It seems like last week.

    Nice job, Henry, and everyone else who helped in making Dan’s last request a reality.

    Those rocks are treacherous to climb on. Mossy patches make ’em slippery as ice.

  6. Thank you Henry, Laura, Mark Schumacher, GrayRider for consummating Daniels wishes. What a perfect thing to do. He was one of a kind. Never met anybody like him. I am honored that he was a trusting and loyal friend. His knowledge was deep. His humor was gentle. His wrath was fearful to the enemies of our Republic.

    1. Diggerdan and I weren’t that close ( we never talked on the phone), what struck me was how many loved him here, I wanted to help Henry and Laura achieve Dan’s wishes, Henry was so fond of Dan, had to help my brother help all of you.

      Paul, in watching Bobs send off video, it was so apparent how close you and Dan were, along with NC, Missy and her husband, #1 NWO hatr(steve) especially as well, oh how he loved our Angel.

      It was crucial we got Dan’s wishes recognized.

      A 20 second hand at the blackjack tables made it happen. 🙂

      1. Mark. There is still an empty spot in my heart that Daniel occupied when he was here. His memory lives on there, and will, till I check out. He taught me things I never would have learned, were it not for him. I can still hear his laugh.
        “Keep the faith”.

  7. Thank you, all for being so considerate and caring, and respecting the final wishes of Dan. One step closer to him truly resting in peace. We’ll take it from here, Diggerdan. Thanks again. Coffee shouldn’t be salty. .

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