Britain Heads Towards A War Based On Poor Intelligence, Corporate Disinformation, Spook Manipulation, Business Lobbyists & Political Ego

camwarThe Slog – by John Ward

Before kicking off today, I would like to make two things crystal clear:

1. I do not condone what ‘ISIS’ has done (or appears to have done). I regard Islamism – and its millions of assenting fellow-travelers – as a development fueled by male misogyny and medieval concepts. It represents a murderous fanaticism far worse than anything the Nazis displayed, and it will be even harder to eradicate.

2. I think it highly probable that David Haines was a good and brave man, doing his duty and very sadly dying in the process.  

Skimread down the early tweets this morning, and it’s not hard to spot the trend here:

camilitminsmilitcoalimitThis is, of course, where it was all heading from the day the first ‘hostage’ was ‘beheaded’ by ‘ISIS’. David Cameron wants a war: he wanted it in Libya – to get rid of Gadaffi…who’d been fighting the Muslim Brotherhood – but a few planes was all we’d give him. He wanted it in Syria – to get rid of Assad…who’d been fighting ISIS – but Parliament said No thanks. Now it looks like he’s going to get it. But everyone should be aware of the the false nature of this softening-up process, and why on the ground military intervention would be an insane step for Britain to take.

This is a photograph of the man who almost certainly masterminded the kidnapping of the four ‘dead’ victims:

McCainsyriaHe’s seen here in 2013 enjoying a bit of friendly banter with John McCain. His name is Mohamed Nour, and at the time he was one of the “brave freedom fighters in Syria” befriended by McCain. Nour is now closely affiliated to ISIS. Cameron wanted to go into Syria based on this sort of ‘intelligence’.

This is a shot of ISIS supremo Al-Baghdadi during the same visit. His branding at the time was ‘Syrian freedom-fighter’. Now he’s the man calling the shots on who does and doesn’t get to be separated from his head. Spot the common f**kwit, sorry, factor between the two photographs:

McCain1We’re being told today that ISIS is getting stronger in both Iraq and Syria, which is the diametric opposite of what we were being told last January. But hey – they’re strong in two places we want to control, so let’s get in there.

Of the four ‘beheaded’ folks so far, James Foley had obvious, strong links to a news organisation bankrolled by a Trust used extensively in the past by the CIA. Steven Sotloff studied at a specialist school in Israel openly backed by Mossad, several of whose past alumni lecture there on a regular basis. And while David Haines had undertaken some aid work, it is clear from his background that he had spent the great majority of his career in UK military intelligence, and then freelance intelligence consultancy to corporations.

All three men had links to either Christian or Jewish fundamentalism. Not a single ‘old media’ organisation has written anything about this.

A dozen or so years ago, we were told by Tony Blair – the House of Commons was assured by Tony Blair – that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction he could deliver into the European theatre at any time. We now know this to have been a complete fabrication: not one WMD has ever been found or put on display.

We were told by William Hague of the “irrefutable evidence” that Bashar Assad was using chemical weapons on his own people. Since then, it has looked increasingly likely that all these ‘attacks’ were faked by America’s new best friends the Muslim Brotherhood – whom both Hague and McCain wanted to arm in their existence as ‘Syrian rebels’.

Think on this: if we go into Syria, we will be fighting people who, just fifteen months ago, were seen as allies…and by default, we shall be supporting the regime of a man who, until ISIS miraculously appeared, was demonised by our media as the quintessence of evil.

We cannot afford to fight this war, and in my view we could never win it. The war we need to fight and win is the one to face down Islamic intolerance within our own borders. The more military intervention we undertake in the Middle East, the more we will bring down atrocities upon our civilian population. The terrorists already in place to do such things exist because of the serial incompetence of the Home Office and the security services.

Where is the Opposition in this context? Right behind the Government. Just read the banal, superficial tweets of Ed Miliband for proof of that.

Once the atrocities arrive, then the Establishment will have still more excuses to restrict our liberties, bang us up without trial, and increase police powers. As nearly always happens, we will move closer to corporacratic fascism because of the inaction and bungling of the people whose pockets are regularly stuffed by those corporates.

Oil, weapons and business are driving Western foreign policy in the Middle East. John McCain’s main objective appears to be the spreading and encouragement of militant Jihadism. It’s not hard to work out why: he receives substantial campaign contributions from the arms business – to be exact, 83% more than the average Senator.

I apologise to those Sloggers who’ve already read most of this: it just seemed important to me to lay out all the damning facts (showing what a set-up this whole farce is) in one place. If you want to read the detailed support for my position on this issue, follow the links embedded clearly in the text.


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