British Protesters Say, “Off with their Heads”

Officials in London, England are vowing to find those responsible for attacking a Rolls Royce containing Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla.  The attackers were a part of the protest against tuition hikes.  The protesters kicked the car and broke a window with a stick that is said to have hit Camilla in the ribs.  The car was also hit with paint.

Apparently the Prince and his wife were headed to the theater and decided to take a detour through the rioting students.  They were met with the attack and shouts of “Scum” and “Off with their heads.”  One photograph that was published showed Camilla in the back of the Rolls Royce with a terrified look on her face, possibly uttering the phrase, “Oh no, the peasants are rebelling.”

Reports from American mainstream media on the attack and the demonstration were decidedly slanted towards the British government who increased the tuition rates as a part of the austerity measures they are taking in order to pay their debt.

What is not being reported is that the huge debt that has resulted in the austerity measures is a result of mass fraud perpetrated within the British banking system.  American reporters are portraying the British students as acting outrageous over having to pay what would be a very cheap rate for college tuition in America.

The fact is the British live under a socialist system, which is to say everyone works for the government.  The people receive for their work monies and other compensation which include free health care and subsidized college tuition.  So the austerity measures in Great Britain which have cut subsidies for college tuition would equate to a one third increase in our income tax.

So the same reporters that are advocating extending tax cuts for the top 2% in America are also supporting the equivalent of huge tax hikes being instituted on the British people by their government.

A true news reporter reports facts and leaves it to the person hearing those facts to make the conclusion.  A propagandist mixes truths, half truths, and lies then spins them with opinion in order to try to shape thought.

I tell you this as a reporter and leave it to you to deduce what you are seeing in the mainstream media.

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