Broward County Sheriff Accused of Having Affair With 17-Year-Old Girl, Forcing Her to Get Abortion

Gateway Pundit – by Cassandra Fairbanks

In a series of three videos uploaded to a channel called “Barry Israel,” the unidentified woman claims to have been in a six month long relationship with Israel. In the videos, she addresses Israel directly — seeming scorned and angry.  

“Hi Scott, it’s me again. You know that at 17, because of you, I had to have an abortion. Now I’m finding out that you have three kids — and a kid from another marriage, and a wife of 20 years and you’re happily married. Are you serious?” the woman asks.

The description for the video reads:

“You know about the illegitimate child of Broward County Sheriff’s candidate Scott Israel. The happily married father of triplets, also had a girlfriend who had an abortion.  Scott’s family and friends know nothing about this ‘friend’ he kept on the side for six-months.

Integrity? That’s Scott Israel. Illegitimate children? That’s Scott Israel. A much younger girlfriend on the side? That’s Scott Israel. A former girlfriend who had to have an abortion?  That’s Scott Israel.

When voting on November 6th, please vote Scott Israel for Broward County Sheriff.

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The video was unearthed as Sheriff Israel has began using his position to lobby for Democratic policies in the wake of last week’s deadly school shooting.

Israel’s wife Susan made her own video responding to the allegations however, and accused her husband’s opponent of hiring an actress to make the allegations.

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5 thoughts on “Broward County Sheriff Accused of Having Affair With 17-Year-Old Girl, Forcing Her to Get Abortion

  1. You go, Girl! Nothing like sunlight to destroy bacteria! Our sheriff declined to investigate one of his deputies banging a 17 yr. old. I have spread the word far & wide. Resulting in the deputy resigning his police chief job in this town & moving out. (he was a part-time deputy hoping to move up)
    For the record, I pretty much despise all cops.

  2. Honey, you do know that Chabaders, who follow the anti-Christ Talmud, are allowed to lie to gentiles (and even if you are Jewish, if you’re not a Talmudist you might as well be a gentile!), doncha know…. in other words, before you start hanging out with men, best to check them out and if they are Talmudists, having NOTHING to do with them! And, oh, yeah, your abortion was a sacrifice to his god, Satan.

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