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Bugger The Bankers

Published on Dec 2, 2012 by BuggerTheBankers

A SONG FOR OUR TIMES – Now all you good people – by popular demand, you can now download Bugger The Bankers (full track or karaoke backing track so you can sing along in your own styley) for just £1 here: http://theausterityallstars.bandcamp….
Also, go to our fb page (Bugger The Bankers) for lyrics and chords.
Yours with Love,
The Austerity Allstars

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8 Responses to Bugger The Bankers

  1. Angry Grandparent says:

    Knowing some of them bankers are weirdo masons, they probably would love a good buggering, especially with variety of vegetables and small animals no doubt too….

    Never heard of the Freemason “daisy chain”? About 50 elite weirdo’s bumper to bumper doing the chatanooga choo choo as one. Be warned if they ever ask you round for a spit roast, run away really fast.

    • Jolly Roger says:

      I’ll bet this is a big hit in merry old England, but I don’t think most Yanks even know what “bugger” means.

      • Angry Grandparent says:

        Boring lot over here, too busy running two cars and houses and signing their lives over to credit whilst watching Zzzz Factor…

        Although adaptation of some of our more unusual ahem words seems to have grown apace with the internet, they know now that bollocks is not a brand of spot cream, that we smoke fags and don’t all talk like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, yep the beer is crap, the weather is worse and we have politicians like Cameron and Hague that think they still rule an empire and refer to the US as the “colony” whilst brandishing our vast nuclear arsenal of 4, yes count ’em 4 Trident missiles that we can’t even fire at very small countries.

        BTW I am quite mentally ill and have a certificate to prove it, about par for the course in this country… 😉

  2. diggerdan says:

    Good song to start out the day. Hope ya`ll enjoy as much as I did. 🙂

    • Paula Walker says:

      Digger-I saw this video a few months back, and nearly fell off my chair laughing!! The thing of it is though, it is sadly SO VERY TRUE. The Bankster Gangsters and Politicians are in bed together, and are the cause of most of our problems we see going on today. And I do mean, a lot of them are literally in bed with each other-nuff said!!

  3. rhumstruck says:

    🙂 Good Morning uSA!
    Good one, love it!

    • rbeason says:

      just now, haven’t watched it but will

      what a great Idea to get a message out
      create this video…many will view who would never
      read current stories of the subject…
      Super Post

  4. Enbe says:

    Yeah, I saw this video a while ago, and it still makes me laugh. 🙂

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