“Building Afghan Leaders” (By Teaching Them To Kill)

Activist Post – by Digby Jones

In this latest piece of propaganda hogwash from the Department of “Defense” (Offense), Soldiers from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment are teaching Afghan Senior NCOs the skills needed to be an “effective leader” on the battlefield. This of course amounts to nothing more than augmenting their ability to take the lives of other human beings, while cheating their own death as much as possible.  

These “enhanced leadership” skills form a vital component of all the wonderful “freedoms” we have brought the people of Afghanistan since 2001.

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One thought on ““Building Afghan Leaders” (By Teaching Them To Kill)

  1. Yup.If you’d prefer more informed knowledge than yup ,get with the program.Our nation is insolvent because we are forced through various forms of taxation to” build aghan leaders.”Who gives a shit?Don’t they make nice rugs or something?Can you find that country on a map?Are they a threat to your family?Get a clue.

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