Building an Off Grid Woodworking Workshop Log Cabin in the Forest

Jul 31, 2020
Finally, I’m building my workshop in the forest with wood harvested from my property in the Canadian wilderness. In episode 1, I pour concrete footings and carry 6×6 timbers into place to begin building the log cabin/timber frame wooden building next to the newly dug pond, in sight of my hand built log cabin.

5 thoughts on “Building an Off Grid Woodworking Workshop Log Cabin in the Forest

  1. Again, this guy is a millionaire, so he has the cash to do this stuff. But it give us all an idea of the possibilities.

  2. As a builder I can tell you that having skills and doing as much labor as possible gives a tremendous financial advantage. I should be purchasing 20-100 acres in Maine before the end of the year where I will build my off grid homestead. I have a 5 year plan to retire on a self sustaining farm of my own (possibly another 2-3 families if the property is suitable). Hopefully I can find some other tradesmen to barter some work with.

    The way things are going I might need to get into the woods sooner for my own sanity.


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