Bulletproof Backpacks Sales Surge As Kids Head Back To School

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Excerpted from Washington Times – Students in select areas of the country are heading back to school with the likes of bulletproof backpacks and whiteboards that also work as shields — even though some are calling it overkill.

“It may be well-intended but it’s not well thought-out,” said Ken Trump, a Cleveland-based school safety consultant who is also the father of young children, on NBC. “I would ask this question: If you need a bulletproof backpack, wouldn’t the child also need a bulletproof front pack and a helmet and a Captain America shield?”  

But many parents and school administrators aren’t taking any chances in the face of the Sandy Hook, Conn., massacre and, the latest, this week’s gunfire scare at a Decatur, Ga., school. Meanwhile, makers of the school-age defense items say business is booming.

Michael Dorn, the executive director of Safe Havens International, a nonprofit that conducts safety assessments for schools, said on NBC that his company has been overloaded with requests. The University of Maryland Eastern Shore spent $60,000 to purchased 200 bulletproof whiteboards, NBC reported. And Steve Jurak, with the San Diego-based Mighty Mojo firm, said his company’s bulletproof backpack has been flying off shelves. The backpack sells for $149.95, he said, and is able to stop a bullet from a .44 Magnum that’s fired at 15 feet, NBC reported.

“Whenever there is a blip, some random act of violence, we see a surge in sales,” he said.


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  1. Again, instead of solving the problem by arresting the people who commit the crimes, we are putting band-aids on the victims who may be affected by the crimes.

    Curing the symptoms, rather than the problem itself.

    How many times do people have to hit themselves on the head in order to wake up to reality?

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