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  1. I think this is a very powerful article when ya look at all of the attention that the world has given last week to that royal lizard baby that was just born over there….. Like the song on this article “Evil Ways”. The elite and the so called rulers of the world get away with what they are doing because us people fund them and let them get away with all of the evil ways that they do, and nothing is going to change till people start doing something about them and standing up for ourselves against them.

  2. My Fellow Americans,

    Although the subject is legitmate, this video sucks.

    For all the crimes this “royal” douch-bag has committed, how about simply stating what just the worst 100, or 10,.. even 1 worst “Crimes Against Humanity” are?

    The ONLY saving grace of this is video is when they show a poster like image which states she owns over 6,600 million acres of land (~1/6 of the land mass of the earth).

    This is 6.6 TRILLION acres of land!

    How does a Do-Nothing, Self-Important Douch Bag likes this own 1/6 of all the land mass of the earth???

    Why didn’t this video explore JUST that question?

    JD – US Marines – I like informative videos,… I just wish people who have made many of these kinds of videos had a clues as to what that means.

  3. Seems like a big part of the problem is that a whole lot of people have been brainwashed into thinking that the Queen Lizard is just a figurehead and doesn’t hold any real power anymore. Meanwhile, in actual reality, Queen Lizzy and the rest of her so called royal, blooddrinking, satan worshipping, baby killing, pedophiliacs have been controlling a major part of the planet the entire time.
    Oh, and let’s not forget MSM last week covering the birth of Count Dracula the 29th and we should all worship his majestical birth….pffffffft.

    1. The underground word is baby Count Dracula is yet to be born – in September via a surrogate, who was impregnated with the in vitro fertilization when Kate was purportedly in hospital for severe morning sickness.

      Take a look at the videos of the royals emerging from hospital with a huge newborn baby that looks more like a 2-month-old. No pain in the princess’s walk or evidence of pregnancy weight gain and edema in her face, wrists and hands, or feet and ankles.

  4. The reason she is front lined to own those riches is the European Central Bank uses the UK as a front for their greed. They have never been able to support their greed factor, EVER! Most of it is smoke & mirrors, however, the Monarchy is allowed to flaunt it because Rothschild allows it & that’s how the total World finances are, period! Rothschild bought all the UK stock market in the time of Napoleon with lies about who was winning the war with France. The web of deceit is so enormous it impossible to fathom. However, you all know when one lays all their eggs in one basket what happens……The UK has been in complete control of our Treasury since the signing of the Paris Peace Treaty of 1792…..In-lieu of bitching & moaning, study, take action, even if it’s just talking to someone at your local cafe. Boycott all that they stand for, take your money out of the Central Bank affiliates, B of A, Wells Fargo, Chase; etc. & only shop local even if it means not buying your latte at Starbucks, they’re owned by the Rothschilds also……Wake up & some day maybe we’ll be able to smell the roses again!!! Continue to fight for Liberty, Freedom & Justice…..Another tid-bit = Nordstroms is owned by them too———!!!!!!!!!!

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