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Bumper sticker for the front bumper of your truck


Sent to us by Dave Johnson.

With rumors of Michelle Obama running for president in 2016, I thought I’d design a bumper sticker. Placement is important. It’s for the front bumper of your truck.

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5 Responses to Bumper sticker for the front bumper of your truck

  1. Paul says:

    Like it!! 🙂

  2. Jolly Roger says:

    Nothing provides more proof of the presidency being a running joke than Michelle Obama running for the office.

    She’s off her rocker, but since she’s successfully passed herself off as a woman for all these years, she may as well try playing president, too.

    We’re living in Caligula’s Rome.

  3. JoeRepublic says:

    Confucius say, “Woman who run in front of car, get tired. But, woman who run behind car, get exhausted.” Hope she’s a front runner.

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