Bundy cattle slaughtered and buried in the desert by federal agents

This is being posted on Facebook:

The cattle are dying and being slaughtered and buried in the desert by federal Agents… The protesters tried to stop a convoy of trucks and backhoes coming off of the PRIVATE land owned by the Bundy’s, so they could be inspected by a sheriff … The agents then started tazing the protesters and throwing women to the ground.   

The protesters tried to stop a convoy of trucks and backhoes coming off of the PRIVATE land owned by the Bundy’s, so they could be inspected by a sheriff … The agents then started tazing the protesters and throwing women to the ground.


Breaking! Riots or some type of raid is occurring at the Bundy ranch right now! They are moving in dump trucks and back hoes in order to bury the cattle that are now being killed by the BLM! The protestors attempted to stop the convoy of trucks and all hell broke loose!

Follow this link for the complete story.  http://www.foodfreedomusa.org/1/post/2014/04/nevada-standoff-intensifies-peaceful-protestors-tazed-manhandled-and-injured-by-blm-thugs-at-the-bundy-ranch.html

From Facebook:

While exercising our 1st Amendment Rights today three of our family members where attacked by the BLM, Our aunt a, 58 year old woman who was thrown to the ground. Ammon went to help aunt Margaret and was tazed three times. One in the neck, one in the arm, and one in the heart. While Pulling tazers off of Ammon, Tyler was side swiped by a BLM truck. The BLM were the threat with there guns, tazers, and attack dogs. We were unarmed protesting on the side of the road as they drove by but they decided to get out of the trucks to show they have power over us. They could have easily drove right on by us but they did not. They ended up getting in there trucks and leaving with out leaving any citations. This is the correct story.

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  1. I never trust just what I see on net,that said,if this actually happening get leo’s faces on camera ect.,time to visit them at their homes if not thru a scope right now,they can take out those of us who post ect.,that said,many more to follow who also have reached tipping point to pick up slack.Time to find out where the oppressors minions live,for a start,then,list the oppressors homes.Damn,hate to say it,but seems for the short while we are f#$cked as a country!

  2. These feds. were out numbered, why didn’t these people take them all out!? Come on people come armed next time.

    1. Same as I am thinkin` Katie.
      Yea I mean WTF people are we al carying signs and singing kumbiya or something ??

    2. Katie,they would be backed up,make no mistake,that said,more citizens would be involved,would grow potentially quickly.I realize though perhaps inevitable until the facts are know ect. which is quicker with net then say Waco days until then lets not go overboard,plenty of time to do that but at that point it will get very ugly,perhaps inevitable but no need to push it,just be ready for it and act if necc.As I said,will not believe something just because on net/news ect. without a little backing,assume you are the same,and,that said,hope to see you on the other side we get to that point.

      1. James, not going overboard at all. This crap has gone on much to long. As far as back up, if they are all dead who’s calling for back up? Remember Solzhenitsyn,”If we’d of met them with pitch forks, bats,etc.,when they came in the middle of the night, we’d of ended this quickly.”(not an exact quote, the jist of it)
        Also, James the facts are evident! The feds are running the Bundy’s off the land their cattle graze on. They have surrounded their home, beat up and incarcerated their son. Perhaps you need more evidence or you simply need to open your eyes!!

      2. Hey James, like Katie said at 6:41 “this crap gone on much too long ” damnit.
        Would you say the same if the shoe was on the other foot James – just wondering ya know.

      3. James, grow up, dude! You sound like my co-worker today who was a Vietnam vet who said, “Well how do we know Bundy isn’t really doing something wrong with the cattle and is really a bad guy?”

        I looked at him in disbelief and said, “So you’d trust the government over the people?”

        He said, “I’m not saying I trust the government either but I’m just saying. Do you know him? Have you met him? What is he like? Until then, I take no sides.”

        For a Vietnam vet and the fact that he says he has nothing against Obama, he shows himself to be more and more of a coward and a traitor every day to the same country he took an oath to protect.

        Also, I’m sick and tired of people being so damn selfish and care more about themselves than their fellow Americans. If we can’t band together united as one to get rid of this authoritarian government, then we have already lost.

        United we stand, divided we fall. It’s that simple.

        We the people NEED to stand together UNITED AS ONE against our oppressors. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!

        1. Damn sad isn`t it NC to hear a vietnam vet talk that way. I know a lot of my oldest and most trusted friends that think the same way as your co-worker and I had to tell every one of them to F off when they told me that they would fire on americans on american soil if asked to do so by the govt. – yea NC those were my oldest and most trusted friends that told me that and I told them all to go F themselves and that they are not nore ever were my good trusted friends thinking that way. Yea NC they are a bunch of F`n traitors damnit F them bastards!!! Yea NC I told them that over a year ago and I mean it to this day. They can screw themselves 🙁 🙁 🙁
          They are not welcome within my eyesight

        2. I just refuse to throw my life away on @ moment unchecked story,as I have said before and also below this post,will be useful cannon fodder when it kicks off.

  3. I agree with Katie. Why weren’t they armed and shooting back at the police. Or at least throwing rocks at them. It’s 100 against 7. What the hell’s the problem?

    In addition to that, at the 8:50 mark, you see a Channel 8 news reporter with the CBS all seeing eye logo on her microphone, interviewing the woman who got thrown on the ground. I’m curious as to why the Illuminati news station would be there to interview the people and not the police? That kinda seems suspicious to me. I wonder if they are going to twist the woman’s story when they edit it and air it or if they are playing controlled opposition.

      1. Fine,you believe/have seen enuuf start firing/whatever plans you have in mind,if what is being reported true am actually with you despite the 2000 mile divide.That said,without true proof ect. and plan do not see any action worth taking,but,you want to believe a few reports without checking,then go,act upon that despite your closeness or distance,plenty of local targets available am sure.I on other hand will do to last possible moment to avoid violence,why,violence sucks and I also know when I do decide only option (violence)will be dead shortly there after,may that time be spent well is all I ask.So,those that convinced this is happening without fact checking ect.,go,if true you will be the first patriots in the next revolution and hope all works well for you,more then likely will soon be lying beside you if true and happens but as I have always said,no wife/kids ect. depending on me,unless come across strangers who need help will when kicks off be dead soon as useful cannon fodder,see ya’s on the other side.

        1. Why did you post that as a “reply” to me, James? I was just giving NC the Channel 8 story he was referring to.

          1. Angel,NYC,not to you personally,just replying to whole story,nothing personal intended/sent your way/sorry came across like that.

        2. Well, James…if they had anything to prove against the Bundy’s, other than the land their cows grazed on for over 100 years is now illegal for them to graze on, then they would provide it. Otherwise, they’re just making up excuses to seize their assets and kick them off their property for no good reason other than to exert power over the people, because they know they can do it. Problem is, it’s the Federal government imposing themselves outside their jurisdiction and the State authorities have proven themselves to be too gutless to stop them, so the people are left to fend for themselves.

  4. Tension is high, but just make sure to stay on the moral high ground. If a fed draws a gun and opens up, it is game on with justification.

    1. Fair enuff,do you have local targets ready?I realize this or something like this could grow quickly,just be sure of said targets.22

    2. i think two hundred years of murdering ppl and stealing property is far beyond enough not to mention this feudal crap has been going on for 5700 years past time for man not human beings to take back this rock spinning in space how has this we have to wait till the next time let them fire first for a few hundred years bs been working out

      1. Yes I agree too lostwoodradio. This crap has been going on for way too long by any bodies terms.
        Enough of this fiddle faddle BS.

  5. personally I think there’s something else going on here…..

    I watched a video this morning (it’s already taken down), but it showed several official cars gathering just off the road, and men in uniform walking around….then civilians started showing up and filming and photographing them – and they left

    but anyway the official claim is that it’s about protecting an ‘endangered species of tortoise’……

    the only thing wrong about that is BLM killed hundreds of them just last
    year when their ‘conservation grant’ ran out of money……

    Mad Angel on FB

    1. And just how many native species did the fed govt. – or who was responsible – when they did all of that GD neuclear testing out there in nevada? Yea what about that ya all. Nobody brings that up ever do they. Them F`ers !!!
      Yea, anyone remember when the military or who ever it was that blew off oll those neuclear bombs in nevada?
      Just sayin` ya`ll know.

        1. Yea Paul, the govt. doesn`t want that brought up in the same sentence as the protecting the desert tortise though do they. 😐

  6. I’m thinking our MSM and government are going to implement another one of their famous “all-talk and no action” government scandals in order to use as a distraction and cover-story for what may happen in the next few days with the Bundy situation.

    See here:


    Remember: these bastards always have a sideshow put in place to blackout something more important that they don’t want to get out. Same thing with the Bilderberg meetings. They also did the same thing when the Brooklyn riots happened in NYC last year. Not a peep out of the MSM and still nothing about it even to this day. Expect the same here.

    However, I am curious as to why AJ is so interested in this too, as it also makes me somewhat suspicious when he actually cares about a rancher more than Rand Paul and himself.

  7. My Fellow Patriots:

    Well,.. it seems the Enemy-Force-In-Occupation troops got away with:

    – Trespassing on Bundy’s property

    – Stealing his cattle

    – Killing his cattle

    – Beating up his son

    – Kidnapping his son

    – Beating up the women folk

    – Tasering them

    – Getting a good laugh at their cowardice

    Today’s Final Score:
    Commies – 8

    Patriots – 0

    Not looking good for the Americans if this is the kind of cowardice these Enemy-Forces will keep encountering (meaning,… the commies will win…)

    JD – US Marines – Soon as the first person was tasered, or the first women thrown on the ground,.. why didn’t shots ring out?,…. what do they have,.. guns to protect themselves from these criminals,.. or sling-shots??!!

    1. Exactly! I’m getting sick of this unless this is another staged event by our government, used to draw out the militias and attack them.

      Be on the lookout people and militia. Deception is everywhere.

      In any case, these ranchers all own guns. Why aren’t they using them? They use them to drive off predators from their land. Well these Commies are natural predators. USE THE GUNS TO DRIVE THEM AWAY ALREADY!!!!

      1. Exactly NC. This govt. intimidation and arrogance has got to stop and as how I see it is only by firepower and putting them bastards in their rightful place where they were men`t to be. Thoes govt. agencies are working/fighting against the american person and this has got to stop real soon damn it 🙁

  8. I was reading over the comments (above) and following the conversation a bit and I think I can answer the “why don’t they just shoot ’em” question.

    Some people don’t know how bad things are and so don’t feel that’s necessary yet. If you get your news from the tube, you might still be very angry, but not angry enough to fight because they don’t realize exactly how bad things are.

    We know a lot more about what’s going on than the average citizen out there. MSM still has a lot of loyal believers, and they’re getting a very watered-down (or twisted) version of the truth

    1. Yea like the Snowden truth. The kind of truth that we already knew before he said it. AKA The “watered down truth”, as you put it.

    2. JR,

      “How bad it is” has nothing to do with this,…

      The Fed-Terrorists of an Occupation-Force (formly called the US Fed Gov’t), came on this farmers land, kicked the crap out of his son, abducted him, herded PEOPLE into 1st Amendment Pens (like THEY are cattle….), then,.. snatched his cattle, slaughtered them, man-handled their women,… tased them!,…… and the pussy’s did nothing. (Assuming this is even real, and not a proganda stunt)

      That’s the bottom line.

      Commies took this contest without even receiving a bloody nose out of it.

      What part of that did you not fully grasp?

      The US Fed Gov’t, and its agents ARE the Terrorists with an insatiable appetite,… and we, Americans,….. are the main course.


  9. I seen a copy of that alert that Henry read on air today. At the bottom it has the guys name, email and phone #. That area code is PA, I’m in the 814 area code and 717(hour and a half east of me) is the greater Harrisburg are and prefix 682 is Dauphin county. So this would mean that the PA Militia is considering mobilizing. All its going to take is one of these BLM cattle rustlers to do some serious bodily harm to one these people and this situation will go hot. These assholes need run off or corralled in the pens instead of the cattle. Its easy to be to tough guy when you’re the only one armed, if the protesters were all open carrying I bet the BLM wouldn’t stand their ground like they did with their tasers. Shit do you see that big ass rancher when they tased him, he just ripped them out three different times. You know that bunny cop was shitting his pants. They will definitely be making a note to steer clear of him.

    1. “Shit do you see that big ass rancher when they tased him, he just ripped them out three different times.”

      Yea I noticed that too. It was quite funny. However, if this were LAPD or NYPD, they would have gunned them down instead of tasering them. Luckily these goons didn’t break out the guns on this one.

  10. These officers live in the area and all those who also live in the area have no obligations to serve them in there place of business, treat them with any respect in public when they are not on the job or offer them any interaction of any kind. It is still within all shop owner’s rights to refuse service to anyone. Why aren’t we tagging these defenders of tyranny by posting their mugs in public places so everyone knows who they are and what they’ve done to deserve it.. UNWANTED posters. This is one way the People can fight back.

  11. James has the right idea- find out where the BLM turds live.. But add a twist, drop off a dead cow in each of their front yards with a sign- WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE.

  12. Ahh, maybe someone from here, who would like to see “patriots” fight back (with guns), should go there, well armed, and take care of business?

  13. The men watch the women go down? Once again something doesn’t smell right. Dude is chatting with AJ? Sorry… I don’t trust, seems staged once again. I hope I’m wrong.

    1. Hi Misty,

      Entirely possibe.

      The moment Alex Zion Jones gets involved,… there is Trojan Horse Adgenda at work,…. no if’s, and’s or but’s about. That is what he is there for.

      The other possibilty is, this did occur,… and these “men”, simply pussed out.

      We may never know which one is true with absolute certainty.

      JD – US Marines – Stage Craft (proganda stunt),… or witch craft (sacrifice more liberties on the public letting stone)? You decide.

  14. Bundy cattle slaughtered and buried in the desert by federal agents

    All the cameras, nobody has film of this? Sorry maybe I missed it but this would be all the proof needed.

    1. There are no pictures because what is happening is happening out in those hills. And those US nationals there cannot take pictures of it because they will go to a federal prison if they step off the f#@king pavement and onto the dirt.
      This is very real. It is happening right here where I am. This is a seizure of all public lands to be handed over to the internationals. They are already closing roads where I live and declaring control over our public lands and telling us where we can and cannot go in these mountains we grew up in.
      Ignore this and maybe it will be ignored when it is your turn.
      And tell me, Misty, why do they need those backhoes and dump trucks? To bury their feces?

      1. As Henry said, this is real. Not sure why as to the doubts some people are proposing. As far as AJ carrying the story, this doesn’t make it illegitimate, although I’m concerned what he may do with regard to the militias that are supposed to show up.
        We must not allow another situation to be removed from the land, because our rights are associated with the land. Our feet must be planted on the land!

      2. And tell me, Misty, why do they need those backhoes and dump trucks? To bury their feces?
        I honestly do not know at this time. Twice on my land I had to call in a bulldozer. Once to bury my mammoth jack who came down with rabies and another time to replace my pressure tank for my well. I just feel if they are really killing these cattle in large numbers it would take a heck of a lot of bulldozer work as well as manpower. Honestly Henry I don’t know what to believe anymore.

  15. The idea is not to get shot in this sort of altercation. One way of dissuading them from their actions is when they find their coworkers heads on stakes at the entrance to the Bundy property.

  16. When any man harms a female in any way it is time for some serious ass kicking. Any man that will even treat a female rough is a coward .

  17. This video leaves so many questions unanswered that I simply cannot make sense of it. I don’t doubt that Nevada BLM is stealing the rancher’s cattle – cattle removal is listed beginning April 5 on one of the southern Nevada BLM news releases, and one cattle auction house is salivating at its coming commission, despite the cattle essentially being rustled, but the rest of this is like square pegs and round holes.

    Why was the rancher not angry as blazes about his sellout bought-off county sheriff and governor? Why were the men behaving like wusses when the thugs in uniform knocked women to the ground? Why were these people not armed, especially being fully aware of years and years of abuses of land rights? Since the protestors outnumbered the taser-rangers, why didn’t they just flatten the tires of the big trucks to keep them from moving?

    Why were the BLM “rangers” so frightened themselves and only armed with tasers and poorly trained dogs? Where did these “rangers” come from? Why are they so averse to having their faces captured on camera? Is this the key, that they could be identified and the operation would start falling apart? I went through every BLM Nevada field office employee directory, and there is not one single BLM law enforcement ranger listed as an employee in the state of Nevada. Maybe they’re not law enforcement rangers but just field office employees dressed up in taser-ranger thug uniforms? Where were the snipers? Where were the supposed 200 BLM rangers?

    The one other thing I do not doubt is that the BLM’s specialty is stealing land and resources for corporatist and bankster parasites. The BLM Nevada field offices employ a number of “realty specialists,” who are to ensure “appropriate use of public land” as well as “patent” land, which is transferring ownership. The higher level realty specialists are required to have doctoral degrees or LLMs, which are Master of Laws degrees, advanced law certification beyond jurisprudence with “global credibility,” and their responsibilities include “locating/interpreting laws and regulations used in adjudication of individual rights and claims filed under public land law regulations preparing environmental analysis and documents for various land cases.” So once again, there are those stinking British accredited registry scum grossly violating rights and mucking up our nation.

  18. It’s simply agenda 21 at work. The land is now not for Americans; it’s to be kept undisturbed for global interests. There is no endangered turtle anymore. There are wild horses causing “problems” but they don’t do a thing about it, but the ranchers cattle have to go because he is standing up to them and disputing the land.

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