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Cliven Bundy: Judge protected the government’s wrongdoing from being exposed


“You can never fix the Bureau of Land Management”
Ammon Bundy speaks outside Las Vegas federal courthouse 1/8/2018

“The government may appeal the dismissal.   The prosecution team in recent weeks added a new assistant US Attorney, Elizabeth White, the chief appellate lawyer in the Nevada US attorney’s office.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions also sent an evidence discovery expert to the federal prosecutors’ office in Las Vegas after the mistrial to review the case”
Last Paragraph of Maxine Bernstein “Oregon Live” Story 1/8/2018

Cliven Bundy spoke with Maxine Bernstein of “Oregon Live” inside the courthouse and a video is posted on her Twitter page.   Bundy said the judge protected the government’s wrongdoing from being exposed even more by shutting down the case against him and the others.

Bundy said “entrapment” of the protesters at Bunkerville would have been revealed if the trial had continued.

Cliven Bundy said he is headed home to Bundy Ranch.   He is now a free man.

His attorney, Brett Whipple, told the media that Cliven Bundy wanted his shackles removed in front of the media but the courtroom was cleared for that to happen.

A news conference is set for 1pm tomorrow in Las Vegas for Cliven Bundy to speak to the issues that concern him.



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  1. Enemy of the State says:

    he should get it out..

    bring it all out

    dont allow this Judge to suppress this knowledge mr Bundy .. tell us all of it


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