Bundy supporter Burleson sentenced to 68 years in prison

Las Vegas Review-Journal – by Jenny Wilson

Gregory Burleson, a member of Arizona militia groups who participated in the 2014 armed standoff in Bunkerville, was sentenced Wednesday to more than 68 years in federal prison.

During the standoff, which resulted in federal agents deserting an operation to round up rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle, Burleson was photographed with a long gun, moving around the sandy wash where Bureau of Land Management agents were headquartered. 

After the standoff, he posted incendiary, anti-government messages on Facebook. “I was hell bent on killing federal agents that had turned their back on we the people,” he told an undercover FBI agent who posed as a documentary filmmaker in order to interview him.

“Yes, I said a lot of crazy things. I’m ashamed of them actually,” the 53-year-old Burleson said in court Wednesday. “Looking back at them, it’s like, ‘wow, obviously I shouldn’t drink.’”

Burleson was given two drinks before his undercover interview, and he told the judge several times Wednesday that he has a drinking problem. His health has deteriorated since the standoff in April 2014 — he now is blind, suffers from seizures, and requires the use of a wheelchair.

The 68-year-and-three-month sentence imposed by U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro was markedly lower than the 87 years prosecutors had requested. Navarro took into account Burleson’s physical impairment and his alcoholism in reaching her decision. The term exceeds the sentence requested by defense lawyer Terrence Jackson, who asked the court to impose a sentence lower than the mandatory minimum of 57 years.

Burleson also was ordered to pay $1.5 million in restitution to the government, to reimburse taxpayers for the labor and contractor costs of the failed cattle impoundment operation.

Burleson was convicted by jury in April of eight counts, which included assault, threats, extortion, obstruction of justice, and multiple gun charges.

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25 thoughts on “Bundy supporter Burleson sentenced to 68 years in prison

  1. ‘The 68-year-and-three-month sentence imposed by U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro was markedly lower than the 87 years prosecutors had requested’……….any way you slice it is a life (death) sentence

  2. Everyone of these jurors name must be recorded for the record for participating in this unlawful administrative trial and for convicting an innocent man.

    Undercover agent, who is it, what’s their name?

    Entrapment. Besides, this guy can say anything he wants, even about feds. If the feds are concerned for the safety of their life, in their private life, not their rogue role of defending an illegal entity, then take it down to the level of one national vs. another national, but impossible with NO court.

  3. Two things I have to do:
    1. Die
    2. Face judgement
    Don’t plan on choking on my own fluids in a hospice.
    Mr. Shivley spoke of different factions. This is FACT!
    Mr. Koernke spoke of being interned, and a life sentence. This is FACT!
    Both spoke of standing for the ideals of which standing HARD on is key!
    We aint getting out fightless my friends!

  4. I’ve been saying stuff like that for years, never let them take you alive.

  5. If you are fd, have the conviction to say what you mean and stand for something. “YES, I had every intention of slaughtering the treasonous pigs and I will given the chance, including all of you treasonous pigs in this kangaroo courtroom!”.

  6. Argh!!! This is truly injustice – 68 years? Did he murder someone? Did he harm anyone? Don’t tell me he harmed the officers who were sent there to do the jobs they were trained to do. If they were not ready and trained and therefore suffered ’emotional harm’ then they should hold their employers responsible – whoever sent them in – all the way up the line. And if they were ready and trained then they should be able to ’emotionally handle’ a difficult situation that resulted in no harm. No one was shot, no violence occurred. Did this judge really sentince this man based on the emotional suffering of the law enforcement staff? – adding a few weapons violations to make it stick? Did he fire a weapon? Did he harm anyone? Really?

    Maybe I’m not getting all the relevant info from this article – but really how can this man who did no harm, hurt no one, be jailed for 68 years?

    And how can the obvious premeditated set up, ambush and road block – with snipers ready – resulting in the murder of Lavoy F. not be prosecuted??

    All of these men stood up and protested against the unlawful seizure of land by corporations on behalf of all people’s rights. Yes they were armed to,protect themselves and their property – and they faced attempts to corral them like the cattle ‘authorities’ were there to seize – into ‘Human Rights Zones’ – behind fences. Media even supported this notion like it was some new reading of our bill of rights.


    This is disgusting – do not let this man be forgotten behind the veil of a crooked system. There is no justice in our ‘judicial’ system.

    The only time a human being should be judged and held responsible is if they do harm to another. Killing another, even though our governments train us, pay us, and provide their reasons and trillions in resources to justify their ‘wars’, it cannnot ever be ‘ right’.. and this man who hurt no one is sentenced to 68 years of imprisonment for standing against government overreach and their unlawful acts? There is no remedy until we all stand up, free all ‘victimless’ offenders. and choose to discard these restraints imposed on us by those we trusted, elected, to represent us.

    We can do very well, thank you very much, without the restraints you impose, without the shackles you always ‘gift’ us. So should I get 68 years in prison too for my ideas, for standing against tyranny or for helping others make a stand? The protesters held you back, made you retreat peacefully, by showing they were armed and ready to defend their rights – exactly as it should be. Imprisonment for 68 years is just so incredibly unjust, that people will hopefully rise up.

    1. So, here is what they did wrong..the made a stand, they participated in what the federal criminals call insurrection. But, it was all show, they weren’t willing to go all the way as our forefathers were. Doing so would have been suicide, but doing it half assed just left them vulnerable to abuse at the hands of the criminals. Lesson learned here…don’t start what you aren’t willing to finish.

  7. Maybe it’s time we stop “talking”
    And start acting?,, stop telling them what’s going to be coming their way if they keep this shit up
    Because their plan is to kill us all ,or put us in a cage for life for protecting what’s ours
    No one gets out of this life alive , no one

  8. This criminal, corrupt judge is a GD commie from Cuba! Obama appointed this drooling moron to the federal bench. She has done everything in her power to prevent the Bundy’s and their supporters from presenting their case, including suppressing key evidence. I also love how the feds claim, ohhhh, those mean men were pointed those evil black rifles at us! No it was the stinking fed pigs pointing firearms at Americans. Liars, crooks and scoundrels all!

  9. If the Militias were for real
    We would be seeing these people forceably removed from these prisons and protected from this bullshit government and bullshit nonlegit courts

    Time to put up or shut up

    1. This verdict will never stand, this will be overturned. To what degree is anybody’s guess.

      The judge is a piece of sht, no doubt about that.

      1. Not going to happen in this criminal empire. The whole system acts as one, local, state and feds. Only solution is to rip it out like the nervous system by grabbing at the spine and pulling. Where they join together is their weakness. We can’t rely on public perception to prevail. Money is not the key because they can create numbers out of thin air. So we must find the ties that bind, divide and conquer.


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