Bunny or bird: What do you see in this viral optical illusion video?

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Is it a bird? Or is it a bunny?

That’s the question sparked by a video that’s gone viral. The clip shows a bird, with its beak in the air, and a human stroking its head. But looked at from a different angle, the beak appears similar to bunny ears. 

Dan Quintana, a senior researcher in biological psychiatry at the University of Oslo in Norway, posted the video to Twitter Sunday, alongside the caption: “Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose.”

He told CNET he “thought it was fairly clear that the video was of a bird… as you can see the translucent nictitating membrane sweep across the eye horizontally (rabbits don’t have membranes like this) and the positioning of the ‘ears’ are a little strange.”

“I made the rabbit comment to prime readers into thinking it was actually a rabbit, to give it a fighting chance at least,” Quintana said. “When you only see the beak in your peripheral vision, it really seems like they’re ears. Without this misleading cue, I thought most people would have seen a bird.”

The optical illusion reminded some of similar debates: “The Dress,” in which some people saw a black and blue dress that others saw as gold and white, and “Yanny or Laurel,” in which some people heard a computerized voice saying different names.

“Here’s my rabbit,” one Twitter user joked, posting a video of a large snail, while another user said the video showed “Clearly a bird. The ‘ears’ are hard and unmoving. Also in the wrong place.”

“Seriously what am I looking at? I can’t handle this kind of mental pressure right now,” someone tweeted.

Quintana said, “About two-thirds of people are insisting it’s a bird, and the remainder are either insisting it’s a rabbit or can’t decide.”


5 thoughts on “Bunny or bird: What do you see in this viral optical illusion video?

  1. It is absolutely a bird. If bunny, it’d have no nose and the weirdest ears ever.

    I will say at one point I could possibly see where it could appear to look like a bunny. But taking into account the freaky ears and no nose, unless under those feathers, logic dictates this is a bird.

    And those are feathers not fur.

  2. I read the text in the article after concluding this was a bird so as not to taint my conclusion.

    So, having gotten this correct, what’s it mean? Perhaps I’m not a trumptard.

  3. No way is it a bunny! Eyes cannot be the way they are on a bunny, and bunnies have fur not feathers, and bunny ears are not pointed like a bird beak. And I’ve never seen a bunny that color, or simply one color. And plenty of birds have crests on their heads. We have plenty of birds and bunnies out here, soooooo….

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